January 13, 2008

Introducing: Fash Eccentric!

Hi fashionistas!

Update your links! www.fash-eccentric.com

Thanks a million for your well-wishes, emails, comments and even SMS-es. The Fash-E! girls (formerly known as VF girls) are alive and kicking butt! Let bygones be bygones, we would like to introduce our flashier, better fash blog - ‘Fash Eccentric!

We really appreciate the wait and your patience. 8 months ago, we hit a roadblock with legal issues. Our whirlwind personal lives didn’t spare us time and energy to rebrand VF.

To kick start the brand new year, we finally decided to take action and relaunch our beloved fashion blog. With the help of my dear friend/tech-genius, Terence - Fash Eccentric! is finally up and running with new cool features:

Fash-E! goes Mobile
Stuck in a boring meeting? Travelling on the MRT/bus? Now, you can check the latest fashion news on your mobile phone - just type in our URL “www.fash-eccentric.com” and you can view our full blog entries anytime, anywhere. Cool eh?

Shoutout Box
Give us a shoutout “live” and tell us what you think. Give us a heads up on fashion tips, or leads. Be vocal, we promise we won’t bite.

Categories List
We’re making things easier for you - and we’re still working on categorizing all our posts (Trust me, it’s quite a bitch to edit everything!). You can search for information and style news you need without going through all our posts. We believe in making things easy for you

Fash-E! Podcast & Vidcast
Ah, this is in the pipeline. We’re planning a bi-weekly podcast (via iTunes or RSS feed) and special vidcast to further enhance your experience here at Fash-E! So, do keep a lookout It’s going to be a blast!

Stick around, and you’ll be surprise.