May 26, 2006

Going Kawaii with Tokidoki!

This summer, I'm making bambi eyes at LeSportsac's Summer 2006 Tokidoki collection or anyone who can get me this super cute, LeSportsac 9506 Bambino bag with Playground print! Unfortunately, this 9506 Bambino bag has SOLD OUT awhile ago. Sobz. A little trivia, Tokidoki ("sometimes" in Japanese) is designed by Simone Legno, an Italian designer from Rome who interprets his love for Japan into his beautiful artwork. Bravo Italiano!

I can't imagine carrying anything bigger than the Bambino, it would be like screaming "Kawaii!" when you strut down Orchard Rd. Plus, did I mention I need a new wallet as well? Check out the 9500 Denaro Tokidoki wallet below! I'm so GETTING THIS with my May's pay check (if the budget permits, sobz)

Besides LeSportsac, you can even shop Tokidoki at their own website and they have the cutest items ranging from iPod skins, belt buckles, T-shirts to skate decks! Ah, T-shirt galore! My kinda stuff. Even Fergie from Black Eyed Peas is a fan of Tokidoki. Enjoy and fest your eyes on Japan by an Italiano.

Blog To The World!

As a blog-hopping-shopping junkie, i was estatic (and very nearly orgasmic) to find this precious site with self designed threads that scream "Alternative". Very awayfromtrends pieces that rock my world and hopefully yours too!

Can you say out-of-this-world cute with tees?

Or "come dine on the grass with me" sweet?

Love it! View more of their stuff at Postlapsaria

May 24, 2006

J'adore le Vintage!

Adore Vintage is a cellar chocked full of tres fabulous vintage accessories, clothes, bags and shoes!

They do ship to asia if you mail them i advance and ask NICELY. I wouldn't mind going through that trouble if i could get hold of those groovy wicker baskets and gladrags, wouldn't you?

Summer Sunshine's Personal Auctions!

Available at summer's auctions

May 21, 2006

ROXY: Vogue Factory Summer Sale!

Aloha! Visit my Auction Booth at Yahoo! Auctions Singapore for sunny beach wears from Roxy! I'm slashing prices to bottom rock for various dresses, skirts, beach shorts and even PJ pants. Yes, the clothes are modelled by me, myself and I (due to lack of $$$ to hire a professional model) and photos are taken by DVD (thanks a million for putting up with my s***). Anyway, bid or just drop me a comment if you want any of the items. First-come-first serve basis only!