October 27, 2006

80s: What a Feelin'!

The 80s is back and smokin' hot! Bring back the black leggings, hot pink and polka dots. Even Madonna and Jessica Simpson has caught unto the 80s bug in their latest MTVs. Here are some catwalk inspirations that you can adopt, yeah, 80s mojo:

This is my top pick! From Giles, this figure-hugging hot pink dress has the modern look with the 80s vibe. That's what I call a "reinvention".

This lovely smart-casual dress by Maxmara looks juicy with the boots! I absolutely love the styling for this look. There is definitely something 80s about it - oh yeah, leggings. HAHA.

I love the royal purple! This Giorgio Armani 2-piece outfit is beautifully styled with non-tacky polka dots and ooh, love that pretty hat. I heart this entire look. It's like the bad Stepford's wives.

Black is eternal. You'll never go wrong with this essential color - only with the right design and cut. This fantastic black piece by Blumarine win hands down for my fave black piece this season.

October 26, 2006

Think Different

Brilliantly staged in the brand new Spitalfields Traders Market, the annual Swatch Alternative Fashion Week showcased the work of over 80 aspiring designers in March. Strutting down the catwalk, accompanied by live band The Fabric Four, the models showed a room of buyers, journalists and eager fashionistas that, with fresh talent, anything goes. Vogue caught up with some of the best-dressed onlookers to see what they thought.

Masuni Briozzo, 25, a graphic designer from London
"Designer Fiona Todd is a great friend of mine so I wanted to model this outfit to be part of her big show. The whole vibe was very Robert Palmer - the big glasses and the music element. I am wearing my own sneakers though."

Erika Marin, 24, an accessories designer from France
"Most of what I am wearing today was bought in Paris. I bought these red tights in TopShop but my shoes, skirt and coat are all from France, as well as my vintage glasses. My hat is the exception - it is from Accessorize, where I work as a designer."

Kim Hartwell, 18, a model from London
"Having just stepped off the catwalk, everything I am wearing is by designer Fiona Todd - except for the belt. This jacket is really lovely; the red bows are perfect with the tweed."

(Source: Vogue UK)

October 25, 2006

Hollywood "It" Girls

Hail Marie Antoinette! Kirsten Dunst graces every magazine cover together with hot editorials that you can't get enough of. From Vogue (Sept '06) to Nylon (Oct '06), I'm hearting for more Kirsten! I can't wait till Marie Antoinette hits the cinemas over here in Sillypore. The wait is getting more unbearable each day. Stop the torture, pls.

Ooh La La. Gosh, I envy those boobs. Scarlett Johansson has come a long way since 'Lost in Translation'. She turned uber-cool overnight and I say Sofia Coppola has excellent taste in picking her muses (note: Kirsten Dunst?).
Scarlett hits Allure's Nov '06 cover with this hot editorial that might entice men to grab a copy as well. By the way, did you know she sings? Yup, Scarlett jumping on the bandwagon and recording an album of Tom Waits covers affectionately called, "Scarlett sings Tom Waits". Ohh, can't wait. Do us proud, and don't pull a Paris.

Natalie Portman wears Audrey Hepburn's dress! The question is: "Is she worthy of this priviledge?" Don't get me wrong, I love Natalie. I think she's gorgeous and an extremely talented actress. However, she has a "long" way to go before she reaches Audrey's phenomenal status. Anyway let's not digress. This photo is classy and hot. This Hollywood "It" girl is on a hiatus since V for Vendetta. What's going on, woman?

October 14, 2006


(RED) is the hottest color this October. Give a little back to the global community and paint the town red with the hot PRODUCT (RED) initiative:

I want a RED iPod nano! This is hotter than the pink. My top item for this Christmas *hint*

Since GAP is swinging to town (Vivocity & Wisma Atria) pretty soon. You might wanna do some charity and look smokin' hot in their PRODUCT (RED) t-shirt.

Converse launched the MAKE MINE RED on their web where you can customized your Converse sneakers to your personal liking. Awesome.

You can't get enuff of MOTORAZR? The hottest color after pink is this shiny red signature handset. Also comes in MOTOSLVR model.

Emporio Armani also wants to do a little good with their PRODUCT (RED) capsule collection with a good collaboration with Ghanaian contemporary artist, Owusu-Ankomah. The products were unveiled at the recent London Fashion Week. They offer a range of sweatshirt, jacket, jeans to accessories (wallet, watch, sunglasses, mobile phone clip and belt).

October 4, 2006

What's Hot

Okay, I admit. I'm not the best multitasker around - class tests, projects, work, endless shoots and blogging. I'm either lazy or just plain busy. Sorry, girls. MEMEME on the side, let's talk about some celeb style spotting... this is 'kay-poh' moment:

Fashion-forward stars such as Kelly Osbourne, Zooey Deschanel and Aisha Tyler have been tying one on lately with oversized, floppy bows at the neckline of their tops and dresses.

Elisha Cuthbert, Beyoncé and Ali Landry are getting in touch with their buttoned-down sides in easy day-to-night frocks.

Cropped Vests
It may seem contradictory, but nothing shows off a woman's curves like fitted menswear vests. Looks like Lucy Liu, Anne Hathaway and Bryce Dallas Howard have already caught on.

Everything – or at least necklines – is coming up roses for Kate Beckinsale, Sienna Miller and Diane Kruger.

Joy Bryant, Rachel Bilson and Emmy Rossum give their short cocktail dresses the cold shoulder with these bold asymmetrical necklines.

Tartan sheds its sweet schoolgirl image with lean and mean shapes, as shown by Jennifer Aniston, Hilary Duff, and Tori Spelling.

More fashion flock than biker pack, these shrunken jackets still add a touch of tough to Lindsay Lohan, Kirsten Dunst and Nicky Hilton.

Forget what your mother told you about horizontal stripes. Joy Bryant, Heather Graham, and Sofia Coppola show off their great gams in these black striped minis.