April 27, 2006

Tees: Love Hate T-Shirt by Rachel Plefger

Love? or Hate? It doesn't matter how you feel - wear this whimsical ambigram (note: a word that can be read by variety of angles) tee by Rachel Plefger, a French designer. This idea is brilliantly executed on a T-shirt is definitely a must-have for lovers or haters like ME. I'm dying to add this to my T-shirt collection. Available at MadeinDesign at EU$22 only.

April 22, 2006

Rouge Online: Go Lego! Go Nautical!

I'm going ga-ga over these astounding Nautical-inspired Lego accessories available at Rouge Online . They are created by designer, Killerheels whose "design philosophy is to create handcrafted accessories for the quirky- adventurous- playful junkie". First, the Lego bracelet from Pixel Girl Shop and now, more quirky, electic choices! This multi-color Jigsaw ring is made with colorful bricks attached to an adjustable metal ring at only SGD$15.
I absolutely heart this Nautical block necklace and Nautical brooch. The Nautical block necklace is priced at SGD$28 and the Nautical brooch is priced at SGD$32. Such a great investment or else, dig out your old Lego pieces and start hooking them up together for your own unique piece. Well, I don't have that kinda patience as you can see. Not exactly your crafty lil' girl. There are also very very cool Nautical studs, Nautical bracelets, Mermaid necklace and Nautical dangle - I can realllllyyyy go on. It's summer time and let's head to the sea!

Tees: SkateNerd

Are you a Sk8ter Boi? Minnow carries unique designs from resident artists from Philedelphia and New York - SkateNerd just restock their Spring line-up. The tees are USD$20 each inclusive of USPS shipping charges (but I'm not sure if that applies to international shipping).

The biggest catch of the site is the Spring Grab Bag Sale! - Hand-printed nylon duffles for guys and cotton totes for ladies are packed with:

- NEW Minnow tee
- mystery backstock tee (from TQL, Stacks,
Crownfarmer, etc.)
- SkateNerd tee (nylon duffle only) & water
bottle (all bags)
- CD from the Yah Mos Def
- goodies from Castle Greyscale
- stickers, buttons, and other accessories

It's at a low price of USD$30! What a steal! A must-have for cheapo guys and girls.

April 19, 2006

Accessories: Helloweekend, Hello style!

Helloweekend has the most unique, bespoke-like jewellery around. Founded by 4 lovely 18 years-young lassies, the designs scream of youth and whisper of antique and vintage accents. If you're not into convention and the typical mass produced chain of beads designs, you'd love these handmade with TLC (that's Tender Loving Care to you!) pieces.

Pair these up with the latest flowy spring frocks or plain tops and tees in summer-bright hues and your favourite bottom-wear (as long as u wear some). Prices are really reasonable and purchases are made through a bidding process. Nothing the tech-savvy chic-chick cannot handle.

April 18, 2006

Swirl: Natalie dress

Swirl has finally updated! They're back with a gorgeous Natalie dress which is subtly nautical (and, you should know I dig anything with sailboats and nautical) with candy red stripes and a striking blue waist belt. Definitely a looker! It's priced at SGD$179.00 - not to mention I bought my Swirl sailboat dress at this price as well.

This is MY-MUST-HAVE. I've been eyeing the Audrey dress since forever. It costs a whopping SGD$229.00 which is a little too heavy on my pocket. Can someone get this for my birthday? *puppy eyes* Pretttyyyy pleassseeee... ;-)

Swirl will also be at the Fashionista Bazaar,the upmarket flea market as claimed by organisers. Be sure to grab some lovely Swirl dresses at discounted prices (YES, maybe it's time to grab that Audrey dress). Details are listed below:

WHAT: Fashionista Bazaar
WHERE: Ink Club Bar, Raffles The Plaza
WHEN: 6 May, Saturday, 11am to 5pm

Be there. Or be square.

Tees: Spanking New @ Threadless

The new designs are "in" and once again, I spotted something I might want to order. Then again, I ordered seven tees last month - thanks to Threadless 3-day $10 sale (ah, you evil evil evil skinnycorp!). So I'm thinking, maybe I should go on a t-shirt shopping hiatus for awhile. Ah, the pain of not having all the money in the world. Once again, it would be nice to add the following tees to my collection:

This is the cutest ever! Playfully called Ambition Killed The Cat and look at that poor kitty electrocuted along the power lines. OUCH! You know, once I saw a monkey carcass stuck in the EXACT same position like this kitty back in Malaysia. Unfortunately, the monkey's tail has dropped off but I'm damn sure it's a monkey. Dead monkey, I suppose. Not related, never mind.

I'm smittened by the color, not the design. No offence but I think the design isn't too bad. It's not something that I would like go "ga-ga" over and lose sleep over. However, the color. Now that's a different thing. This is called Stone Jungle. Very clever, stone jungle... concrete jungle. We get the meaning.

Also, other new Threadless tees to check out such as Landline's Revenge and Talk To Me. On the reprint section, the lovelies at Threadless has decided to reprint The Outdoor Mix. I remember this tee was sold out on the day it was released. Talk about hardcore. I was one of them who requested for a reprint and now, I'm resisting my purchasing power. Save for the rainy day, as mummy always say.

April 17, 2006

KEDS: Mischa Barton Spring 2006

Be Cool. I absolutely heart the tagline "when vintage meets modern" and of course, Mischa Barton. Keds springs back this 2006 with vintage-inspired styles with a modern twist. I've been scouting for a pair of flats lately and it's a sign to get myself a pair of Keds. Check out a these pretty Keds from the Mischa Barton Spring 2006 collection, hot off the press:

The Dolce Skimmer is Inspired by the Kedettes collection from the '40's and '50's. Kedettes epitomized feminine sport of the era with unique styles that fit her lifestyle. Today we interpret our past with the modern day materials and trend right fruit patterns(source: keds.com). Each pair is USD$39.99 and you can find them locally at worldofsports. I'm lovin' everything with fruit motif especially cherries!

The Kitchy Skimmer is inspired from the Kedettes collection of the '40's and '50's. Today we intrepret our past with a trend-right floral metallic brocade and turkish inspired pointy flat (source: keds.com). This is so "ali baba" chic retro! I'm digging the orange pair and it's about USD$44.99 which is still quite reasonable.

The latest Keds collaboration with hip, downtown NYC, fashion designer - Zero Maria Cornejo - shows Keds styles in runway fashion! The Zero Maria Cornejo and Keds collaboration debuted at New York's Fashion Week and features a skimmer silhouette in modern fabrics and colors. The Blue Jaquard features a printed, modern upper (source: keds.com. Designed by Maria Cornejo who redefined the meaning of "simplicity" in fashion design. Priced at a hefty USD$138.00 - there are only limited quantities so grab yourself a pair while stocks last. I wish I could have a pair of Zero Maria Skimmer - Blue Jaquard but hey, I don't really need (but it will be nice to have). Hmm.

I Heart KEDS!

April 16, 2006

eBay Watch: mamastonevintage

Mamastonevintage has been My Favorite eBay Seller for the longest time plus they have one of the better vintage collection that I've seen. For vintage lovers, prepare to indulge on the following eye-candies that I'm currently "watching":

This is such a sexy black tunic with a lovely vintage Iris on the front. Looks fantastic with high-waist belt and big 'Nicole Richie' sunnies. The light tunic material is great for the Asian weather. Ah, the current bid is at USD$72.01 which is wayyy out of my budget. To the lucky girl, feel free to win this auction.

I love everything Parisian - yes, fashion and men. This 60s vintage sundress piece with lovely novelty Parisian print is a must-have! The bid is rising to USD$31.50 and there are 4 days left! I will keep my eyes wide open for this. Hmm.

Polka dots & birds. Even better, it's RED! I think I can see moustache above her lips, okay never mind... let's not digress. This dress is simple and can be dressed up with a plain waist belt which kinda pulls the entire piece together. What do you think? I guess what makes vintage wearable these days is to keep the design simple and the print, unique. It's only USD$9.99 at the moment. Keep watching.

There are many more nice finds at mamastonevintage eBay store. Take a look, indulge and join the bidding war (warning: there's a risk at making new enemies - speaking from experience, btw). Have fun bidding!

Pixel Girl Shop; Sushi Pillows & Lego Accessories

RED ALERT: I attempted my first sushi making with Dear Daniel at last Friday's O.C. Spring Fling BBQ par-tay. Well, Dan was dragged into it to share the blame (or credit) in our amateur sushi rolling (which Dan almost "killed" everyone because we didn't know there are bones in the salmon fillet). Enough said but hey, they finished the sushi. I'm sure that's a good sign.

Let's not digress, I found the cutest sushi pillows from Pixel Girl Shop! There are three puffy choices (guarantee to smell good but non-edible) - the salmon nigiri (top), california roll slice (middle) and tuna nagiri (bottom). Each of the sushi pillows costs USD$48 - OUCH! That's approximately SGD$77.20! That's one expensive piece of giant sushi. I'll leave you to do the math if you want all three. Well, the good thing is the nice people from Pixel Girl Shop accept Paypal but they only ship once a week for international buyers. There's the security and there's the wait.

For Lego lovers, Pixel Girl Shop also carries some uber-cool Lego accessories by Plastic Bat Jewelry such as the Lego Bracelet (USD$12) and the Lego Head Earrings (USD$8) - Hurrah! Behead my Lego and wear it on my ear lobe! Also, check out the rest of the cool items from Pixel Girl Shop. Thanks to Lydia who introduced me to this web.

April 15, 2006

Virgin in Vogue

This is the official virgin entry of VogueFactory - the Asian fashion/trendspotting blog where we feature full-on the hippiest fashion or rare vintage finds online or eBay, celebrity style spy and everything peachy. VogueFactory started with the compulsive online shopping and eBay fashion hunt that we decided to feature some of our honky-dory finds and great deals with the other trendspotters. Share with us - fashion deals, coupons, eBay rarities and of course, celebrity gossip! Hiphiphooray to online shopping - where retail therapy never sleeps.