April 19, 2006

Accessories: Helloweekend, Hello style!

Helloweekend has the most unique, bespoke-like jewellery around. Founded by 4 lovely 18 years-young lassies, the designs scream of youth and whisper of antique and vintage accents. If you're not into convention and the typical mass produced chain of beads designs, you'd love these handmade with TLC (that's Tender Loving Care to you!) pieces.

Pair these up with the latest flowy spring frocks or plain tops and tees in summer-bright hues and your favourite bottom-wear (as long as u wear some). Prices are really reasonable and purchases are made through a bidding process. Nothing the tech-savvy chic-chick cannot handle.


kå¥ Hëñg said...

More Sites on Guys pleasE!!!
Nice website! Keep it up!!!
Very soon i go into Online shopping too..

ingenue said...

Haha, definitely. See above!

Anonymous said...

Hi! There's another blogshop i saw which is quite good. Go take a look then :)


Anonymous said...


something similar! :)

Anonymous said...

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