April 27, 2006

Tees: Love Hate T-Shirt by Rachel Plefger

Love? or Hate? It doesn't matter how you feel - wear this whimsical ambigram (note: a word that can be read by variety of angles) tee by Rachel Plefger, a French designer. This idea is brilliantly executed on a T-shirt is definitely a must-have for lovers or haters like ME. I'm dying to add this to my T-shirt collection. Available at MadeinDesign at EU$22 only.


funnyface said...

how genius are those love/hate shirts?
I saw them before and thought about picking one up.

Anonymous said...

Please, stop reply this type of logo
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lovehate said...

Hi You can find the new collection on the official web site www.lovehate.it , LOVE

Anonymous said...

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