April 17, 2006

KEDS: Mischa Barton Spring 2006

Be Cool. I absolutely heart the tagline "when vintage meets modern" and of course, Mischa Barton. Keds springs back this 2006 with vintage-inspired styles with a modern twist. I've been scouting for a pair of flats lately and it's a sign to get myself a pair of Keds. Check out a these pretty Keds from the Mischa Barton Spring 2006 collection, hot off the press:

The Dolce Skimmer is Inspired by the Kedettes collection from the '40's and '50's. Kedettes epitomized feminine sport of the era with unique styles that fit her lifestyle. Today we interpret our past with the modern day materials and trend right fruit patterns(source: keds.com). Each pair is USD$39.99 and you can find them locally at worldofsports. I'm lovin' everything with fruit motif especially cherries!

The Kitchy Skimmer is inspired from the Kedettes collection of the '40's and '50's. Today we intrepret our past with a trend-right floral metallic brocade and turkish inspired pointy flat (source: keds.com). This is so "ali baba" chic retro! I'm digging the orange pair and it's about USD$44.99 which is still quite reasonable.

The latest Keds collaboration with hip, downtown NYC, fashion designer - Zero Maria Cornejo - shows Keds styles in runway fashion! The Zero Maria Cornejo and Keds collaboration debuted at New York's Fashion Week and features a skimmer silhouette in modern fabrics and colors. The Blue Jaquard features a printed, modern upper (source: keds.com. Designed by Maria Cornejo who redefined the meaning of "simplicity" in fashion design. Priced at a hefty USD$138.00 - there are only limited quantities so grab yourself a pair while stocks last. I wish I could have a pair of Zero Maria Skimmer - Blue Jaquard but hey, I don't really need (but it will be nice to have). Hmm.

I Heart KEDS!


Anonymous said...

Be sure to check out the brand new Keds Back to School Campaign launching July 2007. You'll be sure to love the new styles coming out soon at keds.com!

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