April 22, 2006

Rouge Online: Go Lego! Go Nautical!

I'm going ga-ga over these astounding Nautical-inspired Lego accessories available at Rouge Online . They are created by designer, Killerheels whose "design philosophy is to create handcrafted accessories for the quirky- adventurous- playful junkie". First, the Lego bracelet from Pixel Girl Shop and now, more quirky, electic choices! This multi-color Jigsaw ring is made with colorful bricks attached to an adjustable metal ring at only SGD$15.
I absolutely heart this Nautical block necklace and Nautical brooch. The Nautical block necklace is priced at SGD$28 and the Nautical brooch is priced at SGD$32. Such a great investment or else, dig out your old Lego pieces and start hooking them up together for your own unique piece. Well, I don't have that kinda patience as you can see. Not exactly your crafty lil' girl. There are also very very cool Nautical studs, Nautical bracelets, Mermaid necklace and Nautical dangle - I can realllllyyyy go on. It's summer time and let's head to the sea!