April 16, 2006

eBay Watch: mamastonevintage

Mamastonevintage has been My Favorite eBay Seller for the longest time plus they have one of the better vintage collection that I've seen. For vintage lovers, prepare to indulge on the following eye-candies that I'm currently "watching":

This is such a sexy black tunic with a lovely vintage Iris on the front. Looks fantastic with high-waist belt and big 'Nicole Richie' sunnies. The light tunic material is great for the Asian weather. Ah, the current bid is at USD$72.01 which is wayyy out of my budget. To the lucky girl, feel free to win this auction.

I love everything Parisian - yes, fashion and men. This 60s vintage sundress piece with lovely novelty Parisian print is a must-have! The bid is rising to USD$31.50 and there are 4 days left! I will keep my eyes wide open for this. Hmm.

Polka dots & birds. Even better, it's RED! I think I can see moustache above her lips, okay never mind... let's not digress. This dress is simple and can be dressed up with a plain waist belt which kinda pulls the entire piece together. What do you think? I guess what makes vintage wearable these days is to keep the design simple and the print, unique. It's only USD$9.99 at the moment. Keep watching.

There are many more nice finds at mamastonevintage eBay store. Take a look, indulge and join the bidding war (warning: there's a risk at making new enemies - speaking from experience, btw). Have fun bidding!