April 18, 2006

Tees: Spanking New @ Threadless

The new designs are "in" and once again, I spotted something I might want to order. Then again, I ordered seven tees last month - thanks to Threadless 3-day $10 sale (ah, you evil evil evil skinnycorp!). So I'm thinking, maybe I should go on a t-shirt shopping hiatus for awhile. Ah, the pain of not having all the money in the world. Once again, it would be nice to add the following tees to my collection:

This is the cutest ever! Playfully called Ambition Killed The Cat and look at that poor kitty electrocuted along the power lines. OUCH! You know, once I saw a monkey carcass stuck in the EXACT same position like this kitty back in Malaysia. Unfortunately, the monkey's tail has dropped off but I'm damn sure it's a monkey. Dead monkey, I suppose. Not related, never mind.

I'm smittened by the color, not the design. No offence but I think the design isn't too bad. It's not something that I would like go "ga-ga" over and lose sleep over. However, the color. Now that's a different thing. This is called Stone Jungle. Very clever, stone jungle... concrete jungle. We get the meaning.

Also, other new Threadless tees to check out such as Landline's Revenge and Talk To Me. On the reprint section, the lovelies at Threadless has decided to reprint The Outdoor Mix. I remember this tee was sold out on the day it was released. Talk about hardcore. I was one of them who requested for a reprint and now, I'm resisting my purchasing power. Save for the rainy day, as mummy always say.