August 29, 2006

Emmys Fashion Flash & Bash

Congrats to the big winners of the 2006 58th Annual Emmy Awards especially ‘24’ and ‘The Office’! Must Tony Shalhoub win again? Most of the veteran actors are snatching the limelight from the TV newcomers. Also, it’s a pity that ‘Arrested Development’ didn’t manage charm the voters who favored the 41-year old virgin show. ANYWAY, this blog is about the thrills and spills at the red carpet. We see a lot of low necklines and halter tops dominating the red carpet – not to mention, Fall colours such as purple, red and white. The key word is metallic (didn’t I just blogged about that?).

This is my ultimate favorite dress for the night. Evangeline Lily, from ‘Lost’ in this sultry purple Versace dress with numerous criss-cross pleats. It’s simple yet maximizing the 2006 Fall trends. I love this dress to bits. And, purple rules the Emmys!

Nude is in! Katherine Heigl wore a beaded glamour gown in a nude color with an open neck and keyhole back by Escada. She looks so divine, huh?

Heidi Klum is pregs again! That woman is a baby making machine, dammit. She looks radiant in this red hot one-shoulder draped gown by Michael Kors.

I’ve to admit. Sandra Oh looks gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. She’s not the most ‘pretty’ Asian around but she certainly has style and of course, talent. I absolutely admire this Vera Wang asymmetrical light purple gown with a soft cascade of ruffles around the V neck that the actress offset with chunky, funky necklaces.

Cheryl Hines wore this interesting purple dress with an intricate beading art at the back. I just couldn’t help but post this picture! Isn’t it beautiful?

Kim Raver from the fame of ‘24’ wore a plunging V-neck halter gown with a jeweled waistband in pleated chiffon by Pamella Roland. The color is stunning, simply stunning.

The fugly list for this year’s Emmys belongs to the Desperate Housewives – what a shocker huh? Eva Longoria’s dress looks too big for her. Felicity Huffman looks boring. Oh, I don’t like Tyra Banks dress too. It’s just eww. Afterall, I’m here to post lovely pictures, not fugly ones. Purple rocks!

August 27, 2006

We Should Live In The Swell 70s

I've recently discovered this real gem of a store cum fashion webbie chokful of select celeb streetstyles and the coolest wearable vintage you can find!

AdoreVintage is truly at the top of its game with gladrags from the past, oddles of submitted looks from frequent buyers and shop voyuers alike. It's impossible for you to claim you've run out of ideas when u zip into the store.

This Nightingale dress hints of the famous war nurse but screams individuality. Wear loose or cinch with a belt so you don't look like a mass produced photo-copy!

How can you not love this Strawberry Pickin' dress! The oh-so-stylin' Nicole Richie has been spotted wearing prints of the simliar recently so why shouldn't you?

Apart from the tres fabulous dresses, they have a crazy jewellery collection too! Baubles, cat eyes and rhinestones, all authentic vintage!

Time-turner necklace. The lil bead actually spins!

Animal prints are so in for fall and this is a great wear to wear the trend with subtlety.

Click on AdoreVintage NOW!

Fall Trend: Shine with Metallics

Shine on! Metallics is rocking this Fall/Winter. In fact, compiled a fantastic catwalk showcase on how to work the Metallics. You don't need to look like a Cher-Gone-Wrong in the 70s in Metallics. Read on and learn from the style experts on how to shine through the crowd.

Famed for their luxurious leather goods, Bottega Veneta steals my attention with this shimmery leather trenchcoat (Not "practical" in sunny ol' Spore but hey, it's holiday season!). Who would have I thought I would have a soft spot for shiny fabrics? Bling it on!

Dubbed as one of fashion's shooting stars, Sophia Kokosalaki is a winner in this beautiful beautiful shiny gold tube dress!

It's heavy metal at Burberry Prursum! This striking layered skirt is a must-have! This is a definite head-turner at clubs and I could already picture it swirling in the crowd. Woot!

Gucci does it again. Such a fantastic bronze dress with gold undertone. I would wear this to the Awards (Haha, if only).

Get shimmery with this lovely pearl-like flare pants by Parisian brand, Balmain. It flows beautifully without screaming "Tacky!"

August 25, 2006

Tech-Fashion Thrills

Think you look cool with your stylish Macbook? Uh-uh. Not until you accessorize! When I first got my 12-inch iBook years back, I immediately invested in a sturdy Crumpler bag. Back then, it was as fashionable as you can get away from the usual black Targus bag. Now, you've a million (ok, I'm exaggerating) choices from different brands to pick yuo sleek, stylish and functional laptop bag.

This is the most 'sellable' Designer Slim bag from ACME MADE. The Designer Slim is designed to fit most laptops including Apple, Sony, Dell, HP and Gateway. The streamlined design allows it to be inserted into another bag or carried with or without its removable shoulder strap (included). Manufactured and imported from Switzerland, Denmark, Japan and also in the US, these are some of the best quality textiles available anywhere. All are stain-resistant and some are highly water-resistant. I absolutely heart this pink and black repeated circles! Really cute.

The New Tote looks perfect for the business look. The new Tote is designed primarily as a business attaché while still maintaining our high standards for computer protection. In other words, it’s a beautiful bag with or without a computer.

The Slim Cargo is designed to provide for functionality and storage, the Cargo possesses a large outer cargo pocket that is roomy enough to carry most additional accessories and we've lined it in our own "cashmere-finish" micro-suede lining.

The Bora Bora Laptop Sarong just screams "Aloha!" The Bora Bora Hibiscus Laptop Sarong can fit both Apple and PC laptops. With its roomier sizing and extra padding, this slip can stylishly protect your laptop both in the bag or on your desk. It's like a sarong for your laptop so you can pretend that you're on a tropical island instead of being in class or at the office.

If you're going for the pop-edgy look, the Sukie PNCB Sleeve might be your cup of tea. The popular and versatile PCNB now comes in four prints designed exclusively for Gyms Pacific by Darrell Gibbs of Sukie UK. Darrell's unique prints are a perfect juxtaposition for our simple and functional laptop sleeves. The back of the sleeve is in all black neoprene while the printed side is on white neoprene. As with the Poppy PCNB, an extra layer of foam padding offers some cushioning for minor bumps and scratches.

August 23, 2006

Steel Couture

The name says it all. Steel Couture rocks my world - "where industrial meets subculture". Expertly handcrafted by New Yorker, Lisa Fortin whose creative impulses propel the design label Steel Couture. Lisa's roots are in costume design: working with chainmail, knitted wire and other textile techniques applied to metal. In contrast, her jewelry line often employs softer materials traditionally used in clothing: ribbon, lace, buttons, leather, and appliques. Steel Couture celebrates the juxtaposition of hard and soft, metal and fabric, ancient and modern. (Text: Steel Couture)

Steel Couture Yvonne Belt
Yvonne belt from Steel Couture flaunts three rows of intricately woven chainmail, comprised of gold-tone steel rings, that connects in the front to draped vintage brass chain and a solid brass padlock. The belt measures 2"in width and has an adjustable fit. (Text: Mighty Flirt)

Steel Couture Tallulah Belt
Tallulah belt from Steel Couture is a shift into high gear, with a goddess style drenched with a punk rock flavor. Chainmail belt mingles gold-tone steel and black rubber rings around the waist, with an inverted pyramid front centerpiece of steel rings. Belt stretches over the head or hips. Sized to be worn at the waist, order one size up if you'd prefer it to sit on your hips. (Text: Mighty Flirt)

Sterling Veronica Earrings
Snakeskin. Three hand-stamped Sterling Silver discs hang from sterling endless loops. 3 inches. (Text: Steel Couture)

Marlene Cuff
Hammered brass cuff with a hint of lightning. For you girls who are always sexy and strong whether you're in a dress or a pantsuit. (Text: Steel Couture)

August 22, 2006

Luxurious Event @ Graze, 26 August

WHY SETTLE FOR JUST STYLE? Add taste to your agenda and indulge in culinary delights and champagne cocktails while treating yourself to a relaxing day of shopping therapy in a unique country- chic house and garden atmosphere.

Enjoy discounts of minimum 15% on new arrivals and fantastic prices on past season items from Singapore's hottest retailers for one day only exclusively at Graze.

Spiff up with clothes from Graze Owners' Rack * Trixilini * Resham M by Resham Melwani * Retail Therapy * Granny's Day Out * Conversation Pieces * Independent fashion labels by Simone Irani * My Baby's Wardrobe.

Plus deck up with bags, shoes, and accessories from Clodette * Snatch * Faith Frost * Loe & Behold.

Luxuriate yourself with makeup, skincare and frangrances fro Make Up by Terry * Decleor * Jurlique * StriVectin * Penhaligon's * L'artisan * Creed * Serge Luten * Annick Goutal presented by eSpace and enjoy manicure services by The Nail Room.

Adorn your pad with fine home decor by Rasa Devi.

Not forgetting to take home a little something from Graze Gourmet Produce.

For more information, call Graze at 6775 9000 or go to Graze.

August 16, 2006

Pull and Bear: Coming Soon

Yesterday, I was window-shopping at Takashimaya and I came across this huge backdrop of the spanking brand new Pull and Bear boutique opening soon. Inspired by the spirit of youth, Pull and Bear adapts the youngster's needs and creates chic, casual laid-back clothing for the masses. Started by Inditex Group in 1991, this Portugese brand is set to woo the Singaporean market with their Fall 2006 collection. Here's a showcase of Pull and Bear's Summer 2006 collection (since their Fall collection is not available for preview at the moment):
The Jungle Collection. As you can tell from the sight of the zebra. EH-hem.

Bathing a cute tortoise in a uber cute hoodie and casual wear.

More zebra! I take my hats off to their fashion spread. Truly capture the essence of 'jungle'.

From their bath collection, Pull and Bear presents chic flip flops.

Also, you can accessorize with their funky trinkets by Pull and Bear. Alright I can't wait any longer. I'm curious to see what entails for their Fall/Winter collection. Hence, I shall make my virgin visit once their doors open. Bring it on!

How "not" to be a Desperate Housewives

Who says you can't be glamorous as a 'homemaker'? Add a lil' couture into your home and voila, you'll give Martha Stewart a run for her money. Aesthetic Vs Function. I absolutely heart this Couture Blue Dishwashing Gloves with Black and White print ruffles that would look fabulous while I'm doing my dishes. Also, never worry about ruining your beautiful manicure fingernails! As seen in August's InStyle magazine, this pair of gloves also comes in red. A must-have for all housewives!

What more? We've a matching Apron which comes in red/white and black/white. Absolutely chic.

Inject a lil' humour as well. The Ostrich Duster is sure to brighten up your day. So dust dust away! Also, keep your wardrobe smelling soothing nice with Lavender with this pretty Scented Boudoir Hangers in pink satin and sexy black lace trim. Definitely make your clothes look sexier hanging in there!

August 15, 2006

Papillio 2007 Collection

The pretty Papillio 2007 collection is here! There is nothing more worth buying (or investing) than comfy shoes. Yup, no killer heels for me. I haven't been shopping for Birkies for almost a year! And now, Sandals World is offering a 10% discount and also free shipping for orders of 4 items and above! What a great deal!
I'm absolutely digging this Art Flowers Green in Madrid. The pink buckle is just strikingly cute. I'm keeping my eye on this one. Woot!
The Madrid Kimino Black is kinda stylish for those who aims for practicality and easy-to-match.
I love this Frankfurt style. This Sun Flowers Mint looks great with jeans or black pants. A must-have! But I still adore my 'Paris' one.

Should I order my Birkies?

Fall Trend Alert: The Bubble

So, they say the 'Bubble' is the must-have in your fall collection. I've a sailboat bubble dress from Swirl which I totally heart! Now, here are some inspirations from the runway and how to make the 'Bubble' work for you:

The 'Bubble' from Aquascutum draws the modern British classic in striking lime green. This is what I call an attention grabber. Another perk about wearing the bubble is to hide that love handle!

Balenciaga truly defines the 'Bubble' and it looks like she's stuck in a cupcake skirt. The color is simply eye-catching. I love it!

Vera Wang creates soft flowy ruffles to soften the 'Bubble' and making it very wearable. The black and lilac color just looks great for Fall.

Donna Karan continues to wow us with this beautiful red 'Bubble' piece. Just a 'hint' and yet, it highlights the lady's curves. Nice!

Finally, this Bottega Veneta seamless 'Bubble' dress is innovative yet elegant. I even love the color although I'm not particularly a fan of nude colors. This is just gorgeous. I can't stop feelin' bubbly all over. Woot!

August 11, 2006

Quirky Inspirations

Hey. Hey. I'm back from a short hiatus (sorry guys). No more exams for the next 4 months (whooppee!)... also, work is gearing down at the moment. That means I've more time to blog, shop and get creative! Finally, I've some "time" to get online and start surfing the net for more goodies. Boy, I love the Internet. I must say, I've been missing out on some pretty funky stuff but hey, I'm slowly catching up.

As you know, I caught the jewelry making bug recently. I know many are getting their hands on jewelry making too, but not all are designers. I would like to call them "hobbyist". There's a difference between a designer and a hobbyist. Some copy from generic jewelry making books or magazines. Some just find unique charms and chain them together. Same goes with me. I've been learning from the web and books because I want to master the basics - beading, wirework and all. But now, I want to take a step further from my usual beads and baubles and go wild! In short, I'm not satisfied. I need to find my niche. I need to create something that I can truly call my own.

You know what I mean?

Call this post-exam blabbers. I've been doing some research to see what other designers have created. They have their own "branding" and more importantly, their unique selling point (USP) in their designs. I'm truly inspired by some of their works. They make me want to learn more and think different.

Here are my week's compilation of quirky inspirations:

The signature Flamingo earring hand-crafted from leather with Swaroski crystal on the ear wire. It only comes in one-piece so get ready for some Flamingo action! Definitely a stunner. The designer shows her love for "leather" in her Flamingo jewelry range. Nice.

A sexy red mouth smiles around your neck attached to two silver-plated chains which lock the necklace with a chunky boltring. The mouth and teeth are hand-cut from double-sided red and white leather. Also from Flamingo (who unfortunately, does not have an official website)

You certainly have no idea that this necklace is made of transistors, resistors and recycled steel wire collar. Now we know how to recycle our stupid malfunction PCs (and transform the bits into something chic). Totally original, I must say. I'm truly inspired. By (Wired).

This is called Daisy Stack. 6 rubber daisies joined with recycled stainless steel or alternator wire (burnt red) links. In my opinion, this is the goth-on-a-budget look that could sell millions.

Fake diamonds are a girl's best friend? Danielle Maveal creates a deeply etched, oxidized and matte for maximum contrast in sterling silver. This designer piece does speak volume.

This is prolly the most normal looking one but hey, it's a BEAUTY. The wire work is simply beautiful - just look at the branch work with the crystal clear teardrop bead, gold plated bee and carnelian. This beauty is created by Maria Carter.

August 3, 2006

Crocs Convert

VF is back and now, as Crocs converts! Yes, we're won over by that formerly known as "fugly rubber thing with holes" when Crocs presented their new range of Prima ballet slip-on pumps.

It's perfect for the rainy day (considering it has been raining religiously for the past few days, dammit). It is slim-fitted, ballet-inspired and V. COMFY. Your cheaper, rain-friendly alternative to the beloved Birkenstocks.
Apparently, Crocs are comfortable, cool and molds to foot. It has an orthotic foot bed, anti microbial and odor resistant - what is more versatile than that? Crocs Prima retails at $47.20. Shockingly, I've already gotten myself a pair of silver Primas. Sue me. HAHA.