August 15, 2006

Fall Trend Alert: The Bubble

So, they say the 'Bubble' is the must-have in your fall collection. I've a sailboat bubble dress from Swirl which I totally heart! Now, here are some inspirations from the runway and how to make the 'Bubble' work for you:

The 'Bubble' from Aquascutum draws the modern British classic in striking lime green. This is what I call an attention grabber. Another perk about wearing the bubble is to hide that love handle!

Balenciaga truly defines the 'Bubble' and it looks like she's stuck in a cupcake skirt. The color is simply eye-catching. I love it!

Vera Wang creates soft flowy ruffles to soften the 'Bubble' and making it very wearable. The black and lilac color just looks great for Fall.

Donna Karan continues to wow us with this beautiful red 'Bubble' piece. Just a 'hint' and yet, it highlights the lady's curves. Nice!

Finally, this Bottega Veneta seamless 'Bubble' dress is innovative yet elegant. I even love the color although I'm not particularly a fan of nude colors. This is just gorgeous. I can't stop feelin' bubbly all over. Woot!