August 25, 2006

Tech-Fashion Thrills

Think you look cool with your stylish Macbook? Uh-uh. Not until you accessorize! When I first got my 12-inch iBook years back, I immediately invested in a sturdy Crumpler bag. Back then, it was as fashionable as you can get away from the usual black Targus bag. Now, you've a million (ok, I'm exaggerating) choices from different brands to pick yuo sleek, stylish and functional laptop bag.

This is the most 'sellable' Designer Slim bag from ACME MADE. The Designer Slim is designed to fit most laptops including Apple, Sony, Dell, HP and Gateway. The streamlined design allows it to be inserted into another bag or carried with or without its removable shoulder strap (included). Manufactured and imported from Switzerland, Denmark, Japan and also in the US, these are some of the best quality textiles available anywhere. All are stain-resistant and some are highly water-resistant. I absolutely heart this pink and black repeated circles! Really cute.

The New Tote looks perfect for the business look. The new Tote is designed primarily as a business attaché while still maintaining our high standards for computer protection. In other words, it’s a beautiful bag with or without a computer.

The Slim Cargo is designed to provide for functionality and storage, the Cargo possesses a large outer cargo pocket that is roomy enough to carry most additional accessories and we've lined it in our own "cashmere-finish" micro-suede lining.

The Bora Bora Laptop Sarong just screams "Aloha!" The Bora Bora Hibiscus Laptop Sarong can fit both Apple and PC laptops. With its roomier sizing and extra padding, this slip can stylishly protect your laptop both in the bag or on your desk. It's like a sarong for your laptop so you can pretend that you're on a tropical island instead of being in class or at the office.

If you're going for the pop-edgy look, the Sukie PNCB Sleeve might be your cup of tea. The popular and versatile PCNB now comes in four prints designed exclusively for Gyms Pacific by Darrell Gibbs of Sukie UK. Darrell's unique prints are a perfect juxtaposition for our simple and functional laptop sleeves. The back of the sleeve is in all black neoprene while the printed side is on white neoprene. As with the Poppy PCNB, an extra layer of foam padding offers some cushioning for minor bumps and scratches.