August 27, 2006

We Should Live In The Swell 70s

I've recently discovered this real gem of a store cum fashion webbie chokful of select celeb streetstyles and the coolest wearable vintage you can find!

AdoreVintage is truly at the top of its game with gladrags from the past, oddles of submitted looks from frequent buyers and shop voyuers alike. It's impossible for you to claim you've run out of ideas when u zip into the store.

This Nightingale dress hints of the famous war nurse but screams individuality. Wear loose or cinch with a belt so you don't look like a mass produced photo-copy!

How can you not love this Strawberry Pickin' dress! The oh-so-stylin' Nicole Richie has been spotted wearing prints of the simliar recently so why shouldn't you?

Apart from the tres fabulous dresses, they have a crazy jewellery collection too! Baubles, cat eyes and rhinestones, all authentic vintage!

Time-turner necklace. The lil bead actually spins!

Animal prints are so in for fall and this is a great wear to wear the trend with subtlety.

Click on AdoreVintage NOW!


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