December 28, 2006

Bring in the New Year in Vogue!

I hope all of you got what you wanted for Christmas! A little mistletoe action perhaps? Now that your stomachs are slightly less full after the feasting and partying that was Christmas, it's time for another party, to bring in the New Year, of course! And I can tell that 2007 is going to be a great year because moi favorite number happens to be 9 and 2+0+0+7= 9! (A little numerology never hurt a fashionista.)

My 2007 fashion predictions:: Structured dresses with big belts will still rule well into the new year. Animal prints and floral prints- whimsical dresses will be a big hit in the new Spring and Summer collections. And no, leggings are not going to go anywhere unill you are ready to lounge at the beach for a tan and dahhling - big bags never go out of style because a girl's gotta have a big bag to carry everything she needs. You know what I mean, chicas.

Here are some gorgeous dresses to bring in the New Year in Vogue.

Madonna made this look hip in the 80's. She's still HOT and so is this little black Julie Haus 1989 Boustier Dress. Add a gold head band or some gold bangles and you are all set to look great for the New Year.

2006 was the year of the bubble dress. Sing Auld Lang Syne in this Development Ruffle sleeve dress with pleated hem. I like the color especially - makes you stand out anywhere. Besides, the dress has a low back, making you look even sexier.

I have to hand it to Marc Jacobs. The man always makes the ladies look chic. The Le Tigre dress from Marc by Marc Jacobs is a keeper.

Be one of the first to rock the floral print with this Graham & Spencer Floral Print Charmeuse Dress. You say it's too cold to be wearing a little tiny dress for New Year's?

Pair it up with:
Norma Kamali for Everlast Trench Coat while you are outside and simply check it when you are inside the New Year Party. The contrast between this military-esque trench and the feminine floral will have heads turning.

And because I cannot not have a red dress in my post to welcome the New year - here is the bebe Red polka dot kimono dress.

Happy New Year Vogue Factory Readers!
Loads of love from,

the Vogue Chicks

December 22, 2006

All I Want For Christmas

I'm in love. I fell in love with these pretty sunnies - almost instantly! Tom Ford's Whitney Sunglasses is at the top of my "Want" list this year. It's US$300, sigh. I need a sugar daddy in the next 3 days!

As seen on hot celebrity "IT" girls, Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani! They totally rock the look. Yes, I'm a green-eyed monster today.

To Trend or Not to Trend

Ashlee Simpson, Naomi Watts and Big Brother's Erika Landin liven up their neutral strapless dresses with a bit of bling around the waist.

Moi Thoughts: Bring out the bling! I absolutely adore this look! I'm gonna go get some gold belts for the Christmas party.

Not just for summer anymore, white purses are making a bright appearance this winter on the arms of Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz.

Moi Thoughts: This reminds me. I need a new bag (more! more!) and a white one sounds kinda tempting. How come I don't own any white bags? Hmmph!

It's a major metallic moment: Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Ivanka Trump show off their shining stripes in shimmering minidresses.

Moi Thoughts: I purchased some gorgeous glittery silver stripe viscose fabric from Spotlight a month ago to make a dress. Maybe I could finally garner some inspiration from here. Bling me!

Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson and Gretchen Mol find comfort, ease and sex appeal in these slinky shirtdresses.

Moi Thoughts: I'm going through a "black" phase now. These black tunics are brilliant and simply comfy-looking. Gwyneth looked divine.

Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Kate Moss add a touch of childhood whimsy to their outfits with these ball-topped beanies.

Moi Thoughts: There's still time to show off your pom-pom beanies! Such a kawaii way to keep your top warm and chic.

More thrilling than "Thriller," the '80s revival continues with cropped crimson motorcycle jackets on Kristin Chenoweth, Lindsay Lohan and Blu Cantrell.

Moi Thoughts: Thrillin' hot! Get crimson chic with red leather jackets. We could totally give MJ a run for his money.

December 21, 2006

World's most expensive jeans.

Remember when your jeans cost $20.00 and you weren't allowed to go to posh restaurants or clubs wearing jeans? Well, those days of jeans being discriminated diminished in the last few years as designer jeans came around. Soon, women and men everywhere were rocking "Seven for all Mankind", True Religion, Diesel jeans and so on everywhere.

Pros: The designer jeans fit better, last longer and makes you well, look better!

Cons: They tend to cost more than $20.00 (wayy more)

Here is a look at some of the world's most expensive jeans and according to Forbes, high end denim maintains its popularity and isn't going anywhere soon.

The Most expensive pair of jeans sold ever:
COST: $60,000
In 2005, a pair of 115-year-old Levis similar to the Nevada jeans pictured were sold on eBay to a Japanese collector who paid what some spend on a luxury automobile.

Rock N Roll Jeans:

COST: $1,000 to $3,000, depending on embellishments
Rockers such as Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler have been known to indulge in a pair of really great fitting jeans. Their True Religion jeans, worn at the Citicard/Advantage private concert series in New York City on Dec. 3, were embroidered and embellished by Tyler, but stylists such as Oligo Tissew can create similar pairs.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend:

Jewel-embellished Jeans : $4,000
What makes these dungarees so expensive is the hardware used. Designer APO uses diamonds on the front clasps and back pockets instead of metal. No wonder these jeans are some of the most expensive in the world.

“Designer” Jeans

COST: $1,185
Never one to be described as “understated,” Roberto Cavalli incorporates his over-the-top aesthetic into his designer jeans. This includes replacing rhinestones for rivets and using multiple denim washes, all of which are loved by celebrities like Beyonce and J-Lo.

The men like theirs to be "salvaged":

Celebrity Favorite COST: $450
Worn by the likes of Brad Pitt and other A-listers, PRPS jeans are made of rare selvage denim that is hand-dyed with natural pigments. Expertly distressed in strategic places, you would have to be making some serious cash to rock these jeans.

Sleeping Beauty

In an attempt to solve the puzzle that is "why the insomnia?!?" that she is going through recently, yours truly has decided that it was due to her lacking in gorgeous sleepwear. In an attempt to regain her beauty sleep, she brings you the comfy, chic sleepwear that is around. Time to go grab some ASAP.

First on the wish list is:

C&C California's Printed PJ sets. The prints come in fun designs such as bows and lightning.

Equally on the fun and chic radar is this Charlotte Ronson Baby Tee set:

For a little warmth, I wouldn't mind being comfortably and chicly wrapped in some Victoria Secret flannel PJ sets as I sleep.

This Victoria Secret's racer tank striped jammies look good enough to hit the town in with leggings! But to just lounge around looking fabu around the house, throw on the VS Rugby Robe!

Vogue Factory shall not be responsible for readers' lack of sleep when chic gorgeous sleepwear induces other activities in the bedroom other than sleep. Goodnight, sleeping beauty.

December 20, 2006

Rainy Chic

Moi first blog post was originally intended to bring you into the wonders of winter fashion. Alas, what's a fashionista to do when it has been raining nonstop for 3 days? 3 whole days? Leaving my disappointment at not being able to get a tan aside, I have delved into ways to dress chic and gorgeous while trying to stay dry in this apparent monsoon season that has assaulted the tiny island where upon yours truly resides.

Upset that the rain has ruined your fabu faux far animal print shoes and your hippie birkenstocks and resent the way the rain squelches in your shoes all day after you are caught in a rainstorm in the morning? Well, look no further to save your feet as you slip into these wonderful rain boots From Chooka:
Just slip on these boots over your jeans or pants - and you can save yourself form the dreaded "I have wet clothes on me and look awful" feeling. What's not to love? These boots have adjustable buckles at the top of the shaft for loose or tight fitting, removable insole and even adds a wee height with 1" heel. It is also forgiving and stretches to fit a wide calf. Boot's height is approximately 11 1/2" and is 14" in calf circumference.

You can mix and match these Chooka boots by picking up one in every color.

Feeling punkish? Here is the Skull and Crossbones boots:

A few more to fit your fanciful moods:

My top fave - Turquoise colored "Tattoo" boot

And fanciful "cupcakes" boots

Go over to Nordstorm right now to get one before the rain ruins all your shoes, fashionista!

And of course, no blog post about looking chic in the rain is going to be complete without a proper rain coat. Wrap yourself in rain resistant Sateen trench coat with a wool liner from Hilary Radley and you'll forget that the rain even bothered you in the first place.

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December 19, 2006

Holiday Swirl

'Tis the season to be pretty!

Bring out the snappy winter coats, party dresses and bling accessories, baby. We're going to party till 2007! Let's celebrate the year of vintage dresses & smocks:

You won't be so cold without this sharp-lookin' ZARA peacoat or float in Europe this Christmas in this beautiful dress.

Leggings! Leggings! These party dresses from MNG are simply awesome. Both monochromatic and glittery. I like.

You'll not be dancin' with yourself in this short shift style dress with love heart print detail or look jolly good in this multi coloured printed smock dress from Topshop

December 13, 2006

Scarlett for LV, Spring 07

It's a Scarlett spring for Louis Vuitton next Spring '07. She's my favourite pin-up girl at the moment and I love the entire styling for this ad campaign. Scarlett absolutely work those curls! The 50s pin-up girl concept is just brilliant with a hint of lolita factor. I'm totally crushing on her. Yum.

I think the bags are lookin' gorgeous next Spring. I've to admit I'm not an 'LV' kinda gal but the white bag is divine. a must-have.

I love this bag! It's got a tongue-in-cheek factor here. I'm diggin' this.

December 9, 2006

Vogue's Garden of Delight

As seen in this December's Vogue, I'm spellbound by the enchanting feature spread of 'Garden of Delight' photographed by Steven Meisel. It's almost like a fairy-tale, enjoy:

'Tis the Season…
…to wear award-winning drama! John Galliano’s topiary dresses for Christian Dior Couture gracefully defy all laws of nature. Dior Haute Couture by John Galliano carnival gowns.

Mad science: Zac Posen cultivates a brilliant hybrid of the French tulip and a single rose petal—rare indeed. Zac Posen silk bubble dress with rosette hem. Wolford tights.

Beds of blue poppies on bell-shaped dresses ring in the New Year with smashing glamour and a subtle wink at spring. Oscar de la Renta blue-and-white Himalayan-poppy-print dresses and matching heels.

Winter is no threat to the perennial party dress (or the bed of fragrant jasmine, for that matter). Marc Jacobs dégradé tulle and cream petticoat dresses.

Vera Wang raw-edged chiffon dress. Vera Wang gold Mary Janes.

Manolo Blahnik used Mother Nature’s magic wand to turn ordinary fall foliage into an extraordinary slipper. Manolo Blahnik Cabbage heels.

Christian Lacroix renders a carnation—blown-out into magnificent chaos—to challenge even your wildest imaginings.

In this story: fashion editor, Grace Coddington; hair, Julien d’Ys; makeup, Pat McGrath for Max Factor. Props by Jack Flanagan. Produced on location by AZ Productions.

December 7, 2006

Harajuku Lovers: What Time Is It?

Gwen Stefani is a genius.

I adore her L.A.M.B collection and now, she blows me away with her "super-kawaii" brand, Harajuku Lovers! Dubbed as "The Fatal Attraction to Cuteness", I love everything Japanese but don't get me wrong, Hello Kitty is out of my chic-tionary. Harajuku Lovers is flashy, kawaii and loud! And, her timepieces are making their way to my Christmas 'Want' list:

This heart-shaped watch face is ultra-cute with its flashy rainbow band. Definitely an attention grabber.

This 'Orange County Girl' watch has an adorable metal interface made fashionably cute with smiley orange!

Make it 'round', with a pretty lookin' canvas band - if you feel that the rainbow is lil' too loud for your taste.

Skinnier, and sexier in red plastic band.

December 5, 2006

Mesh NY: A Mesh of Beauty

Every ring tells a story.

Eternal love. Friendship. Personality.

It's the jewelry that you are most likely to admire on yourself. Nothing feels more 'personal' than a beautifully crafted metal being a part of you. That's why I don't buy rings in a heartbeat. You gotta have 'The One' - or else, it's just another piece of jewelry in your pretty box.

From New York, Mesh NY crafts some of the most unique knick-knacks that I've seen ranging from rings, necklaces, couture belts, earrings and etc. Their designs have been featured in hit TV series, Desperate Housewives, Will & Grace and even Bold & Beautiful! Today, I'll highlight their hottest rings:

This rings speaks of its brand name. A mesh of gold in a heart-chunky silver. Who doesn't love this Couture Cocktail Baby?

Change the way you wear it - whichever you fancy. Three ways never gets boring.

Labyrinth's reputation is liken to a hip chick. You need the personality - so the ring can shine with you.

Open Heart is so beautifully arched - we can't get enough of love, huh?