December 7, 2006

Harajuku Lovers: What Time Is It?

Gwen Stefani is a genius.

I adore her L.A.M.B collection and now, she blows me away with her "super-kawaii" brand, Harajuku Lovers! Dubbed as "The Fatal Attraction to Cuteness", I love everything Japanese but don't get me wrong, Hello Kitty is out of my chic-tionary. Harajuku Lovers is flashy, kawaii and loud! And, her timepieces are making their way to my Christmas 'Want' list:

This heart-shaped watch face is ultra-cute with its flashy rainbow band. Definitely an attention grabber.

This 'Orange County Girl' watch has an adorable metal interface made fashionably cute with smiley orange!

Make it 'round', with a pretty lookin' canvas band - if you feel that the rainbow is lil' too loud for your taste.

Skinnier, and sexier in red plastic band.


Anonymous said...

I really like them all but my favorite Harajuku Lovers watch is the orange county girl!

Anonymous said...

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