December 21, 2006

Sleeping Beauty

In an attempt to solve the puzzle that is "why the insomnia?!?" that she is going through recently, yours truly has decided that it was due to her lacking in gorgeous sleepwear. In an attempt to regain her beauty sleep, she brings you the comfy, chic sleepwear that is around. Time to go grab some ASAP.

First on the wish list is:

C&C California's Printed PJ sets. The prints come in fun designs such as bows and lightning.

Equally on the fun and chic radar is this Charlotte Ronson Baby Tee set:

For a little warmth, I wouldn't mind being comfortably and chicly wrapped in some Victoria Secret flannel PJ sets as I sleep.

This Victoria Secret's racer tank striped jammies look good enough to hit the town in with leggings! But to just lounge around looking fabu around the house, throw on the VS Rugby Robe!

Vogue Factory shall not be responsible for readers' lack of sleep when chic gorgeous sleepwear induces other activities in the bedroom other than sleep. Goodnight, sleeping beauty.


ingenue said...

You've to smell orange like I tell you. Why the hell are you up at 5am blogging? Go sleep now! and, put on your PJs!

Anonymous said...

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