December 20, 2006

Rainy Chic

Moi first blog post was originally intended to bring you into the wonders of winter fashion. Alas, what's a fashionista to do when it has been raining nonstop for 3 days? 3 whole days? Leaving my disappointment at not being able to get a tan aside, I have delved into ways to dress chic and gorgeous while trying to stay dry in this apparent monsoon season that has assaulted the tiny island where upon yours truly resides.

Upset that the rain has ruined your fabu faux far animal print shoes and your hippie birkenstocks and resent the way the rain squelches in your shoes all day after you are caught in a rainstorm in the morning? Well, look no further to save your feet as you slip into these wonderful rain boots From Chooka:
Just slip on these boots over your jeans or pants - and you can save yourself form the dreaded "I have wet clothes on me and look awful" feeling. What's not to love? These boots have adjustable buckles at the top of the shaft for loose or tight fitting, removable insole and even adds a wee height with 1" heel. It is also forgiving and stretches to fit a wide calf. Boot's height is approximately 11 1/2" and is 14" in calf circumference.

You can mix and match these Chooka boots by picking up one in every color.

Feeling punkish? Here is the Skull and Crossbones boots:

A few more to fit your fanciful moods:

My top fave - Turquoise colored "Tattoo" boot

And fanciful "cupcakes" boots

Go over to Nordstorm right now to get one before the rain ruins all your shoes, fashionista!

And of course, no blog post about looking chic in the rain is going to be complete without a proper rain coat. Wrap yourself in rain resistant Sateen trench coat with a wool liner from Hilary Radley and you'll forget that the rain even bothered you in the first place.

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ingenue said...

It's funny how you blog this on the day the sun comes out. LOL, welcome to the team babe!

C'est Chic fée said...

hey, a little late but will be fashionably prepared for th enext one. Oh and I should add - I'm sure those boots come in handy for snow as well. Glad to be part of the team!

Jackie said...

I am in love with these boots, man. If only it rained crazy in Southern California.

ingenue said...

This is refashioning Phua Chu Kang, let's go get boots la!

Anonymous said...

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