December 5, 2006

Mesh NY: A Mesh of Beauty

Every ring tells a story.

Eternal love. Friendship. Personality.

It's the jewelry that you are most likely to admire on yourself. Nothing feels more 'personal' than a beautifully crafted metal being a part of you. That's why I don't buy rings in a heartbeat. You gotta have 'The One' - or else, it's just another piece of jewelry in your pretty box.

From New York, Mesh NY crafts some of the most unique knick-knacks that I've seen ranging from rings, necklaces, couture belts, earrings and etc. Their designs have been featured in hit TV series, Desperate Housewives, Will & Grace and even Bold & Beautiful! Today, I'll highlight their hottest rings:

This rings speaks of its brand name. A mesh of gold in a heart-chunky silver. Who doesn't love this Couture Cocktail Baby?

Change the way you wear it - whichever you fancy. Three ways never gets boring.

Labyrinth's reputation is liken to a hip chick. You need the personality - so the ring can shine with you.

Open Heart is so beautifully arched - we can't get enough of love, huh?


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