June 28, 2006

Flat Fab: 80%20

The marriage of women and flats is eternal (or at least for me). For my entire life, I swear by flats from white school shoes to Keds and, Converse. After all these years, we just can't get enough of the joy and comfort of slip-on flats.

"New York-based designer Ce Ce Chin's line of retro-graphic canvas kicks, Eighty-Twenty (80/20) offers a refreshing batch of colors and designs our feet haven't seen yet."

"DayGlo stripes, birds and hearts, targets, and rainbows adorn canvas slip-ons and high-tops, all with comfy cushioning, and some with removable ribbon rosettes. We bet they'll make it into the small fraction of shoes in your closet you actually wear." (source: Nylon)

June 27, 2006

Maxwell Hudson: Of Splatter & Sparkle

Move over, Juicy Couture! Maxwell Hudson, Inc. from sunny Los Angeles features a "wide range of highly-personal, unique, whimsical designs created from an on-hand collection of new or vintage embellishments carefully matched to super-soft cotton tees and tanks in every cut and color. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is paramount, thus delivering amazing, conversational pieces of art."

June 26, 2006

Society For Rational Dress

Copyright © Society For Rational Dress

The brand name speaks for itself. Society For Rational Dress is the new garde of L.A. fashion by native designer, Corinne Grassini. To date, the brand boasts a famous clientele such as Alanis Morisette, Jennifer Aniston and Erykah Badu. The collection is delicate, yet finely tailored as it fuses both design and comfort. The following video showcases "The New Garde" collection which juxtaposes natural fiber with detailed leatherwork and intricate drapping (source: Gen Art Pulse)

June 25, 2006

Shanghai Tang: Oriental Chic

Rediscover your Asian roots and look sassy in Oriental style. Shanghai Tang puts modern-inspired qipao and cheongsam back into the chic shelf. Making the Spring/Summer 2006 collection wearable and surprisingly, edgy. Here's a peek at what's in store for you:

Give cheongsam a modern twist. This 100% silk "Acrobat Girl" print twill dress has who sexy slits with frog button details.

Look pretty in this "floral" silk dupioni mini dress with side slits, frog button details and all-over floral embroidery.

Mix Asian pop with fashion, you get this unique cotton poplin dress with "Woman" print of a photo collage of women at different epochs in China's history. Exquisite!

Also, I absolutely heart this pima cotton dolman sleeve top with "Peony" appliqué. Such a sweet color!

June 23, 2006

net-a-porter:bad-ass-bling spree

We've seen so much bling in 2006 it's crazy! From delicate diamonds and gems to bad-ass faux rocks and thick gold chains, spoilt for choice is what we've become.

I've recently discovered this wonderful webbie net-a-porter that carries these groovy accessories in the most tempting of variations. Logging on to the Jewellery selection will cause some serious damage to your charge card when there are beauties like these on sale.

THE JUICY COUTURE MULTI STRAND ROSETTE NECKLACE. Juicy is traditionally famous for the L.A. IT-girl bags and velour track suits. Who would've have thought they knew how to do elegant pretty so well? All your for £156.39.

Only MISSONI can do colours, nautical and gold heart lockets right, in my opinion anyway. Fall in love with this delicious NAUTICAL CHARM NECKLACE and pair it brazenly with any MISSONI dress for a brazen look. @ £263.61, it's a steal!

For the not-so-girlie and unique tog hunters, this mask is for you! Again in MISSONI's style, i present the MASK CUFF BRACELET. Very reminiscent of The Man In The Iron Mask with a touch of Cirque du Soleil. =o) Manifique for £165.32!

Start your engines and click away!

P.S. there is a wide selection of clothes and bags on the webbie as well, We've just decided to feature accessories this time BUT do check out the savings on Chloe's Paddington Bags (if shame on you, you still haven't got one!)

June 22, 2006

Betsey Johnson

Anything remotely Bohemian in style is officially finished. Please stop wearing those tiered skirts girls, we are merely a month away from the Fall season. The only thing boho that you are allowed to worship is the concept idea of a design, not the aesthetic.

One of my favourite designers of all time, Miss Betsey Johnson, is one of the few fashion trend-setters that have a very bohemian approach to a very eclectic line of clothing. You may remember her from America's Next Top Model.

Her Fall 2006 collection is so crazy-secretary/sack-wear/non-sequitor cute! Fresh off the runway for you haute voyeurs!

Never play it too safe in fashion. Classic is good, but freedom of expression is always better.

Betsey Johnson clothes are avaible for purchase online. Make friends with VPost now!

Kristinit: Pretty Woman

There's something 'pretty' about Kristinit's collection. A celebration of quality, beauty and life - Her designs are exquisite with a whimsical twist. To date, Kristinit's frocks are worn by famous celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson and the Pussycat Dolls. Put this girl on Project Runway, she'll kick Santino's ass off the runway!

The stunning silk "Bette" blouse blue-stripe made from soft silk chiffon and delicate lace is perfect for the summer! The vintage paisley cotton is Victorian-chic and incredibly feminine. I'm totally digging this.

How about the blue silk charmeuse cadet jacket which is super-elegant and innovative? Or go back in time with the one of a kind square neckline silk blouse?

Get a sexy neckline with this amazing summer blouse styled out of vintage rayon with precious bird print. Or swirl sweet in this aqua summer stripe dress! Summer's almost over. Make the most of out it.

Get this: Kristinit is having a private summer sale with 30% off a Kristinit purchase! Enter the code SummerGoddess during your checkout and enjoy the discount until the end of June. So hurry!

June 20, 2006

*Flea Cirque*

Flea Circus is a name you would most likely associate with a pet cleaning agency, no? But this locally made and inspired jewellery line is nothing like nasty, itchy insects!

The Flea Circus's offers accessories for both men and women. Hurrah for our male counterparts who have pretty much been left out of the shopping blog loop! In fact ladies, some of the pieces for men are so precious and unique, you'd be tempted to "borrow" it for use yourself!

HUNKY CHUNK MAN -In moi's opinion. it is a lovely RICH-BLING-BLING and muscle packed neck accessory for the men who have the shoulders to carry it off. All yours or your significant other's for a mere SGD$30.00.

They call this piece BARE BLACK but the gi-mungous balls on this charmer suggest otherwise. Also at a SGD$30.00 steal.

For the ladies...

A-LOTTA DOTTA beacuse polka is always a pleaure and no girl can resist anything round dangling from her neck down to her bosom. SGD$40.00

EXTREME ELEMENTS is extremely cool...i still feel they should've called it "Grapevine" or something of the sort. I get cravings for berries just looking at this darling! SGD$40.00

They also very cool bags for both sexes and those in between *wink*

SIGNATURE TOTE has 2 sizes. Starting from SGD$70 for the small.

Please also welcome FABRIC ECLECTIC, the simple answer to a great Sunday wristlet. SGD$50.00

Flea Circus is available at the following locations:

ANTHROPOLOGY HOMEWARE, 16A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village
T: +65 6467 2663

ASYLUM STORE, 22 Ann Siang Road
T: +65 6324 2289

SIDEWALK10, 14 Scotts Rd, #03-84 Far East Plaza
T: +65 6738 8324

FLAIR, 33 Erskine Road #01-02 The Scarlet Hotel

BOOKS ACTUALLY, 125A Telok Ayer Street
T: +65 6221 1170

LATTE, 6 Scotts Road, #01-19/20 Scotts Shopping Centre
T: +65 6735 4009

STYLE:NORDIC, 39 Ann Siang Road
T: +65 6423 9114

June 18, 2006

Salinas Summer 2006 is here!

Salinas Bikinis have the best fit by far. They don't ride up your butt after a few strokes in the water, stay impeccable bright after multiple washes AND are eclectic sexy all over.

The summer 2006 collection speaks for itself.

Salinas is available at New Urban Male located at The Heeren, Citylink Mall and a host of other retail outlets. They don't carry the new range but i am told they will bring it is soonest!

Alternatively you can go to Best Swimwear to voyeur your way through the spicy hot numbers online!

Papillon on Yahoo!

Papillon (which is really just "butterfly" in French) Accessories has moved to Yahoo! Auctions~ Here's a sneak peek at the confections offered!

Click Papillon for more precious little bits and view the other auctions too! Just find the little link that says "Sellers other Auctions" for more.

These where all inspired by whim. And a little bit of rashness is what we need, no?

June 15, 2006

Makeup 411

For all the ladies who have always wanted to know, "What gloss is she wearing?" or "Is that tan for real or just air brush?" or even the occasional "Her lashes must be fake!". We've got just the site to answer all those questions you want answered about celeb makeup!

Makeup411 carries valuable information for the beauty maven and all the insider secret beauty breakdowns from movie sets, tv shows and even MTVs!

They even state the specific brands and shades used for each season!

So for fans of SATC or The OC or something more old school like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, this one's for you.

Kikix Accessories

Hark! Bespoke jewellery hoarders! Kikix Accessories is here to give you a piece of inidividuality. Hailing from Aussie with a strong background in fashion design, you'll be spoilt for choice everytime she puts up her string of items for sale.

You'd also be happy to know that her selling space is anti-bidding to give those working within a budget the chance to own a piece of Kikix that reflects themselves. Icing on the cake - Postage to Singapore is free!

Come June 24th (mark your calenders people!), she'll be @ the Scape Flea Market (behind Cineleisure) showcasing her wares and meeting up with her regular clientele. Oh yes, that is friendly isn't it? Here's a sneak peek of her somethingforeveryone collection!

What we love about her work is the one-of-a-kind charms that are impossible to find on Arab St or anywhere in our little island. She imports most of them and acquires the more unique pieces like actual lockets and carousel ponies from her trips to France and the US.

Talk about getting an International treat, no?

We'll see you @ Scape Flea Market then.

June 14, 2006

Le Robo

We all need a lil' Ebay Vintage Thrift shopping minus the exhorbitant shipping fees. We should not be considering which kidney to sell when we hit "Bid!"

Enter Le Robo, my current online shopping Mecca for vintage finds in Asian friendly sizes.

Now how tres gorgeous is this little number!

The International shipping rate from Canada to Singapore range from USD$7.00 to the maximum of USD$12.00 for combined or heavier items.

Find delectable vintage wear (and be different...we must avoid mass-produced at all costs ladies!) @ Le Robo OR the Ebay store direct @ Le Robo Ebay Store

Quaint Secrets - Sshhhh!

Located in the musky lanes of the very up-and-coming hipness of Haji Lane is Quaint Secrets.

Oh so pretty! I had to resist the urge to eat those deliciously citrus burst bits! they have more eccentric pieces like glass white rabbits, carved bone dangle center-pieces, the little ladybugs and even ghosts!

What makes Quaint Secrets a true plum-pleasure to be in is the chillout environment, Just leave your shoes at the door and skip into fluffy carpeted world where your imagination can run wild. Very easy on the pocket too! you can emerge with a bag fool of goodies to start off for just SGD$10.00!

Find your way there by taking a train to Bugis Junction MRT station and use Exit B. As long at you walk straight past the Raffles Medical Centre and keep moving straight towards Arab St, you're on the right track! For people like moi, call 6552-1111/2222 and say "Haji Lane please!".

Humble Abode: 58 Haji Lane Singapore 189246
Call @: 6297 9792
Surf @: info@quaintsecrets.com

June 13, 2006

Ecoist: Recycling in Vogue

Attention treehuggers! Would you fancy carrying this lovely clutch bag made from 100% recycled candy wrappers? If yes, click on Ecoist whose aim is to create fashion accessories for the eco-minded consumers. I think there is nothing hippier than eco-uture! Ponder about the many trees that we can "save" and recycle into something pretty. Just make sure you don't get "paper cuts" - haha.

Tuesday Fashion Fix & Clicks

Threadless *3-day* $10 SALE!
It's the $10 sale again at good ol' Threadless! Whoppee! I just ordered 5 tees for my sister and I after a long hiatus since my last Threadless shopping spree. However, I was abit disappointed that they sold out 'My Pet Human'... there goes one lovely tee (REPRINT!).

*NEW* lovelies & *FREE* shipping @ Conversation Pieces
Conversation Pieces has added new items this season and we're making bambi eyes at the Puurfect Blouse by Original Los Angeles. This blouse is lovely to show off your neckline and also uber-cute with lil' feline pals print. Totally sweet! Do start shopping as Conversation Pieces is offering free shipping from 15 June till 30 June regardless of the amount spent and to any location in the world. How puurfect!

Skinny Jeans - Hip & Going Strong
"The term "fashion forward" isn't just a sassy form of alliteration; fashion is always looking forward (when it's not looking back) which explains why even though Fall 2006 is still months away, we are currently obsessed with the "it" look of the season - the skinny jean. The look manages to be a winning combination of sexy yet casual all at once, but it's popularity among the fashionably emaciated begs the question: are slim jeans only fitting for those who actually can fit into them? Here's the skinny on who can wear skinny jeans, how to choose a pair that satisfies your style, and how long skinny jean will stay on the racks.

'A trend isn't in one season and out the next," said Rau. 'Look how long the boot-cut jean lasted. The skinny jean is new right now, but it will be the jean of choice for a couple of years.'Goodbye boot-cut, relaxed fit, and - gasp - flared leg. It's time for jeans to get lean." (source)

Project Runway Season 3: "Fashionably Early"
While we're halfway through Project Runway Season 2, the Americans get their fashion fix of Season 3 four months earlier when the season kicks off in July. Fashion designer, Michael Kors and Elle fashion director, Nina Garcia will reprise their roles as resident judges. Tip: Vera Wang might be making a guest appearance on the show! So what are we gonna get...? Another wedding gown competition? Ooh la la! ( source)

June 12, 2006

VF's Knick-Knacks of the Week

Smitten Kitten a.k.a. "Summer" and I went to shop for our knick-knacks at Arab St. over the weekend. Yesterday, i got home and started clasping jump rings and cutting wires till 12am. The result? I made a pair of earrings and a charm necklace last night - talk about crafty fun. Here are present to you my first charm necklace made by me called: "Leo"

The charms are white ceramic 'ghost' with gold leaves, ruby red crystal-glass drop, silver 'Leo' star charm, mushroom glass bead, red flower glass bead with gold leaves, blue/pink glass bead with blue/purple swarowski crystals. All from Quaintsecrets (note: website is not up yet).

Since we're all in a jewelry-craze, Vogue Factory will present some outstanding knick-knacks we spotted over the web:

As seen on Mischa Barton, this Kenneth Jay Lane Red Strawberry Necklace is simple yet juicy chic. Made from electroplated 18 karat braided chain necklace with resin strawberry pendant and it's 33" long. Made with love in N.Y.C.

Hello Weekend always have cute knick-knacks. Peony is a one-off necklace made from an oriental mix of beads and baubles with a large heart cloisionne piece. Utterly fab! Unfortunately, the item has been sold (as always). Early bird catches the worm remember?

One of Vogue Factory's readers, Phoebe has tipped us about another local jewelry designer, The.Other.Eden. I absolutely heart the Bienvenue a Paris ('Welcome to Paris') earrings - so sparkly and the Eiffel Tower charm is just lovely. Also check out the tribal brooch - it just screams grunge huh?

June 9, 2006

Mischa in Vogue (like literally)

There's something about Mischa Barton that really ticks. The fashion icon to-be, here's a peek at her latest photo shoot as Vogue Australia's July covergirl:

I absolutely adore this vintage-inspired Miu Miu dress and yes, Charlie, her dog is furry-cute!

Mischa looks classy in this willow blue silk dress by Bvlgari Vintage Collection. This is my pick among the rest.

This Louis Vuitton red wool crepe dress is ultra hot and sassy. The dog is just a humour element. Who let the dogs out?