June 23, 2006

net-a-porter:bad-ass-bling spree

We've seen so much bling in 2006 it's crazy! From delicate diamonds and gems to bad-ass faux rocks and thick gold chains, spoilt for choice is what we've become.

I've recently discovered this wonderful webbie net-a-porter that carries these groovy accessories in the most tempting of variations. Logging on to the Jewellery selection will cause some serious damage to your charge card when there are beauties like these on sale.

THE JUICY COUTURE MULTI STRAND ROSETTE NECKLACE. Juicy is traditionally famous for the L.A. IT-girl bags and velour track suits. Who would've have thought they knew how to do elegant pretty so well? All your for £156.39.

Only MISSONI can do colours, nautical and gold heart lockets right, in my opinion anyway. Fall in love with this delicious NAUTICAL CHARM NECKLACE and pair it brazenly with any MISSONI dress for a brazen look. @ £263.61, it's a steal!

For the not-so-girlie and unique tog hunters, this mask is for you! Again in MISSONI's style, i present the MASK CUFF BRACELET. Very reminiscent of The Man In The Iron Mask with a touch of Cirque du Soleil. =o) Manifique for £165.32!

Start your engines and click away!

P.S. there is a wide selection of clothes and bags on the webbie as well, We've just decided to feature accessories this time BUT do check out the savings on Chloe's Paddington Bags (if shame on you, you still haven't got one!)


The Other Eden said...
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The Other Eden said...

Hey Vogue Factory Really Appreciate the featured blog on us! Thank You! Seen that you've got links to the various sites would you guys be so kind to add us to ur list! Thank u!

ingenue said...

no problem! will do so... just never got around updating our links. hehe.

Anonymous said...

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