June 3, 2006

Make Feet Beautiful

String Republic blew me away with their custom-design "espadrille" at EUR$30.90. Just make your feet beautiful with these lovelies!

The World Is Saved
I like this alot because of its bold print as though it's making a statement. However, it's a little too "hip-hop" for my liking. Design-wise, it totally rawks.

Love the birds, love the colors.

Valley of Jell-O
I almost ordered this one but I was in a citrus-mood and looking for something bright and sunny. This is one head-turner.

El Tiempo Es Oro
THIS IS MINE. It's on its way from good ol' France. Viva la French shoes!


hustler said...

How can i get my hands on those pair of shoes!!!

ingenue said...

You can order from the website itself or maybe I can take orders and order in bulk. Are you interested?

Anonymous said...

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