June 28, 2006

Flat Fab: 80%20

The marriage of women and flats is eternal (or at least for me). For my entire life, I swear by flats from white school shoes to Keds and, Converse. After all these years, we just can't get enough of the joy and comfort of slip-on flats.

"New York-based designer Ce Ce Chin's line of retro-graphic canvas kicks, Eighty-Twenty (80/20) offers a refreshing batch of colors and designs our feet haven't seen yet."

"DayGlo stripes, birds and hearts, targets, and rainbows adorn canvas slip-ons and high-tops, all with comfy cushioning, and some with removable ribbon rosettes. We bet they'll make it into the small fraction of shoes in your closet you actually wear." (source: Nylon)


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