June 4, 2006

VF's Top Summer Trends We Love

High-waisted belt is one of the more prominent trend this season. This fabulous rainbow stripe belt from Forever21 is just perfect for the fun, happy look to pair off with that bold red dress. Totally chic!

Sailor stripes or anything nautical is in my chic ditionary. Also, hot off the shelfs are cropped denim jackets worn with pretty dresses. Above are our picks from the fabulous ZARA Summer '06 collection.

Go boho with checked tops with chunky gold necklaces. And yes, denim shorts are in too. Yes, we can't enough of stripe dresses, stripe whatever! Above are our picks from the fabulous ZARA Summer '06 collection.

Big blouses with short white crop shorts are awesome for the Summer. Not to mention, long European-inspired long flowy dresses are for the beautiful people. Yes, more from the awesome ZARA Summer '06 collection. I can't help it, I just bought a pretty pink/white stripe wrap-around top from ZARA yesterday. Hee.

Black haunts us every season. Even in Summer. Shirt dress is one of my all-time fave style and that black piece just looks stunning. If it isn't black, it's white. This victorian style dress is another hot trend this summer. These are the gorgeous selection from MNG.


hustler said...

oh yes pls!! How much will it be? Omg, it's freaking gorgeous!

ingenue said...

i'll check if anyone wants to buy as well. No point getting just one pair cuz i've already ordered mine. let me know which one u're interested in. mine was about $100 plus inclusive shipping.

Anonymous said...

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