June 12, 2006

VF's Knick-Knacks of the Week

Smitten Kitten a.k.a. "Summer" and I went to shop for our knick-knacks at Arab St. over the weekend. Yesterday, i got home and started clasping jump rings and cutting wires till 12am. The result? I made a pair of earrings and a charm necklace last night - talk about crafty fun. Here are present to you my first charm necklace made by me called: "Leo"

The charms are white ceramic 'ghost' with gold leaves, ruby red crystal-glass drop, silver 'Leo' star charm, mushroom glass bead, red flower glass bead with gold leaves, blue/pink glass bead with blue/purple swarowski crystals. All from Quaintsecrets (note: website is not up yet).

Since we're all in a jewelry-craze, Vogue Factory will present some outstanding knick-knacks we spotted over the web:

As seen on Mischa Barton, this Kenneth Jay Lane Red Strawberry Necklace is simple yet juicy chic. Made from electroplated 18 karat braided chain necklace with resin strawberry pendant and it's 33" long. Made with love in N.Y.C.

Hello Weekend always have cute knick-knacks. Peony is a one-off necklace made from an oriental mix of beads and baubles with a large heart cloisionne piece. Utterly fab! Unfortunately, the item has been sold (as always). Early bird catches the worm remember?

One of Vogue Factory's readers, Phoebe has tipped us about another local jewelry designer, The.Other.Eden. I absolutely heart the Bienvenue a Paris ('Welcome to Paris') earrings - so sparkly and the Eiffel Tower charm is just lovely. Also check out the tribal brooch - it just screams grunge huh?


b3witched said...

Hey thanks for crediting me! Seen the updates? on the other eden the necklaces are fantastic! hey Any other tips on other local designers? cuz its really interesting seeing their creations!

ingenue said...

Tips on local designers: we're gathering more info now. Seems like there's a recent boom in indie local accessories designers. Will keep you updated!

Anonymous said...

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