June 8, 2006

90s Flash Back: Dungarees are B-A-C-K

The last time I wore an overall was when I was 12. Yes, a denim overalls from Sportsgirl. And, I honestly admit that I l-o-v-e wearing it back in those days because Alex Mack was always wearing an overall (and I secretly thought she was cool). Hey, I was only 12 and still watching Nickelodeon. Gimme a break. The point is dungarees and overalls are smashin' their way through the couture scene. As you know, they're not the most easiest or the prettiest thing to wear. Although, here are some "inspirations" from the runway and the indies after a touch of refinement and style:

For Spring/Summer: Mayle, Rachel Comey, and A.P.C. (source: Refinery29) The spunk still stays as overalls never look so hot pairing up with nice heels.

From Marc by Marc Jacobs. I absolutely heart the denim dungaree with the layers below! Totally sweet! (source: iamfashion)