June 4, 2006

Rebe: A Family A-Flair

Rebe makes the cutest, quirkest and electic wear and accessories with a fabulous mix fun and colorful fabrics - REBE, I must say, is here to stay. The design team behind this new favorite brand of mine is mother & daughter, Debra Weiss and Hilary Sproatt. Generation gap, you say... no way! They even make pretty bags, belts and other must-have knick-knacks!

The only boo-boo is their price is abit, erm, pricey for my pocket. Let Rebe be an inspiration *think positive*


hustler said...

I would like " hacker of the sun " (: They're not gonna have it in Singapore right? Thanks alot!

ingenue said...

haha, i guess not! their only asian outlet is in tokyo! i'll check and let you know. thanks for checking in anyway!

Anonymous said...

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