June 22, 2006

Kristinit: Pretty Woman

There's something 'pretty' about Kristinit's collection. A celebration of quality, beauty and life - Her designs are exquisite with a whimsical twist. To date, Kristinit's frocks are worn by famous celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson and the Pussycat Dolls. Put this girl on Project Runway, she'll kick Santino's ass off the runway!

The stunning silk "Bette" blouse blue-stripe made from soft silk chiffon and delicate lace is perfect for the summer! The vintage paisley cotton is Victorian-chic and incredibly feminine. I'm totally digging this.

How about the blue silk charmeuse cadet jacket which is super-elegant and innovative? Or go back in time with the one of a kind square neckline silk blouse?

Get a sexy neckline with this amazing summer blouse styled out of vintage rayon with precious bird print. Or swirl sweet in this aqua summer stripe dress! Summer's almost over. Make the most of out it.

Get this: Kristinit is having a private summer sale with 30% off a Kristinit purchase! Enter the code SummerGoddess during your checkout and enjoy the discount until the end of June. So hurry!


sherylw said...

hello there! great stuff here! Just to let you know that purple anemone is at www.purpleanemone.com and not at purpleanenome. :)

ingenue said...

oops! will change it asap! thanks for dropping in :)

Anonymous said...

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