June 22, 2006

Betsey Johnson

Anything remotely Bohemian in style is officially finished. Please stop wearing those tiered skirts girls, we are merely a month away from the Fall season. The only thing boho that you are allowed to worship is the concept idea of a design, not the aesthetic.

One of my favourite designers of all time, Miss Betsey Johnson, is one of the few fashion trend-setters that have a very bohemian approach to a very eclectic line of clothing. You may remember her from America's Next Top Model.

Her Fall 2006 collection is so crazy-secretary/sack-wear/non-sequitor cute! Fresh off the runway for you haute voyeurs!

Never play it too safe in fashion. Classic is good, but freedom of expression is always better.

Betsey Johnson clothes are avaible for purchase online. Make friends with VPost now!


ingenue said...

The model looks like a cross between Kirsten Dunst and Julia Stiles!

Anonymous said...

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