August 11, 2006

Quirky Inspirations

Hey. Hey. I'm back from a short hiatus (sorry guys). No more exams for the next 4 months (whooppee!)... also, work is gearing down at the moment. That means I've more time to blog, shop and get creative! Finally, I've some "time" to get online and start surfing the net for more goodies. Boy, I love the Internet. I must say, I've been missing out on some pretty funky stuff but hey, I'm slowly catching up.

As you know, I caught the jewelry making bug recently. I know many are getting their hands on jewelry making too, but not all are designers. I would like to call them "hobbyist". There's a difference between a designer and a hobbyist. Some copy from generic jewelry making books or magazines. Some just find unique charms and chain them together. Same goes with me. I've been learning from the web and books because I want to master the basics - beading, wirework and all. But now, I want to take a step further from my usual beads and baubles and go wild! In short, I'm not satisfied. I need to find my niche. I need to create something that I can truly call my own.

You know what I mean?

Call this post-exam blabbers. I've been doing some research to see what other designers have created. They have their own "branding" and more importantly, their unique selling point (USP) in their designs. I'm truly inspired by some of their works. They make me want to learn more and think different.

Here are my week's compilation of quirky inspirations:

The signature Flamingo earring hand-crafted from leather with Swaroski crystal on the ear wire. It only comes in one-piece so get ready for some Flamingo action! Definitely a stunner. The designer shows her love for "leather" in her Flamingo jewelry range. Nice.

A sexy red mouth smiles around your neck attached to two silver-plated chains which lock the necklace with a chunky boltring. The mouth and teeth are hand-cut from double-sided red and white leather. Also from Flamingo (who unfortunately, does not have an official website)

You certainly have no idea that this necklace is made of transistors, resistors and recycled steel wire collar. Now we know how to recycle our stupid malfunction PCs (and transform the bits into something chic). Totally original, I must say. I'm truly inspired. By (Wired).

This is called Daisy Stack. 6 rubber daisies joined with recycled stainless steel or alternator wire (burnt red) links. In my opinion, this is the goth-on-a-budget look that could sell millions.

Fake diamonds are a girl's best friend? Danielle Maveal creates a deeply etched, oxidized and matte for maximum contrast in sterling silver. This designer piece does speak volume.

This is prolly the most normal looking one but hey, it's a BEAUTY. The wire work is simply beautiful - just look at the branch work with the crystal clear teardrop bead, gold plated bee and carnelian. This beauty is created by Maria Carter.


anna said...

where do you get your jewelry parts/bits from?


ingenue said...

Hi there. I got my jewelry stuff from Far East Plaza, Level One. The staff over there are very friendly. Arab St, Haji Lane also have some shops that sells nice charms. Hope this helps.

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