August 16, 2006

How "not" to be a Desperate Housewives

Who says you can't be glamorous as a 'homemaker'? Add a lil' couture into your home and voila, you'll give Martha Stewart a run for her money. Aesthetic Vs Function. I absolutely heart this Couture Blue Dishwashing Gloves with Black and White print ruffles that would look fabulous while I'm doing my dishes. Also, never worry about ruining your beautiful manicure fingernails! As seen in August's InStyle magazine, this pair of gloves also comes in red. A must-have for all housewives!

What more? We've a matching Apron which comes in red/white and black/white. Absolutely chic.

Inject a lil' humour as well. The Ostrich Duster is sure to brighten up your day. So dust dust away! Also, keep your wardrobe smelling soothing nice with Lavender with this pretty Scented Boudoir Hangers in pink satin and sexy black lace trim. Definitely make your clothes look sexier hanging in there!