April 16, 2006

Pixel Girl Shop; Sushi Pillows & Lego Accessories

RED ALERT: I attempted my first sushi making with Dear Daniel at last Friday's O.C. Spring Fling BBQ par-tay. Well, Dan was dragged into it to share the blame (or credit) in our amateur sushi rolling (which Dan almost "killed" everyone because we didn't know there are bones in the salmon fillet). Enough said but hey, they finished the sushi. I'm sure that's a good sign.

Let's not digress, I found the cutest sushi pillows from Pixel Girl Shop! There are three puffy choices (guarantee to smell good but non-edible) - the salmon nigiri (top), california roll slice (middle) and tuna nagiri (bottom). Each of the sushi pillows costs USD$48 - OUCH! That's approximately SGD$77.20! That's one expensive piece of giant sushi. I'll leave you to do the math if you want all three. Well, the good thing is the nice people from Pixel Girl Shop accept Paypal but they only ship once a week for international buyers. There's the security and there's the wait.

For Lego lovers, Pixel Girl Shop also carries some uber-cool Lego accessories by Plastic Bat Jewelry such as the Lego Bracelet (USD$12) and the Lego Head Earrings (USD$8) - Hurrah! Behead my Lego and wear it on my ear lobe! Also, check out the rest of the cool items from Pixel Girl Shop. Thanks to Lydia who introduced me to this web.


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