May 21, 2006

ROXY: Vogue Factory Summer Sale!

Aloha! Visit my Auction Booth at Yahoo! Auctions Singapore for sunny beach wears from Roxy! I'm slashing prices to bottom rock for various dresses, skirts, beach shorts and even PJ pants. Yes, the clothes are modelled by me, myself and I (due to lack of $$$ to hire a professional model) and photos are taken by DVD (thanks a million for putting up with my s***). Anyway, bid or just drop me a comment if you want any of the items. First-come-first serve basis only!


Anonymous said...

hi dear, I know this is kinda bit late...haha but do you still have anymore roxy skirts left? :) wld really love to have one but seems like you have no more live auctions listed, do advice. thnx.

Anonymous said...

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