October 27, 2006

80s: What a Feelin'!

The 80s is back and smokin' hot! Bring back the black leggings, hot pink and polka dots. Even Madonna and Jessica Simpson has caught unto the 80s bug in their latest MTVs. Here are some catwalk inspirations that you can adopt, yeah, 80s mojo:

This is my top pick! From Giles, this figure-hugging hot pink dress has the modern look with the 80s vibe. That's what I call a "reinvention".

This lovely smart-casual dress by Maxmara looks juicy with the boots! I absolutely love the styling for this look. There is definitely something 80s about it - oh yeah, leggings. HAHA.

I love the royal purple! This Giorgio Armani 2-piece outfit is beautifully styled with non-tacky polka dots and ooh, love that pretty hat. I heart this entire look. It's like the bad Stepford's wives.

Black is eternal. You'll never go wrong with this essential color - only with the right design and cut. This fantastic black piece by Blumarine win hands down for my fave black piece this season.