November 3, 2006

Singapore Fashion Week 06

It's Singapore Fashion Week again! Let's paint the town red with hot runway shows or perhaps a "sale"? This annual trade show will showcase a series of comprehensive fashion-related trade exhibitions and trade shows featuring the latest designers' collections, brands/ labels and swimwear apparel from the region.

So ladies, mark your calendars for these hot shows:

Asian Young Fashion Designers Contest
4 November 2006, 7pm
Raffles City Shopping Centre

FRESH! - The Graduate Showcase
5 November 2006, 7pm
Raffles City Shopping Centre

Traits Tres Mode
25 October to 20 November 2006
To be confirmed
SG Private Banking Gallery - Alliance

And there's The Fashion Attraction tomorrow (4 Nov) at the Atrium Ballrom, Raffles the Plaza, organized by Conversation Pieces and Save on up to 70% off 3,000 plus designer jeans - labels such as Rock and Republic, Blue Cult, True Religion and other funky dresses, accessories from Conversation Pieces!

For Standard Chartered credit card members, you get an additional 5% off! So, shop till you drop tomorrow. See you there.


Coutorture said...

Hey girls,

Just waltzing around the blogosphere discovering new fashion blogs. Just found you via

If either of you have an interesting I would love to have you in the Coutorture community.

Email me


Coutorture said...

meant to say interest!

Ugh I can't spell

JanK said...

Singapore fashion week! ^^
Love it.

xoxo Jank

ingenue said...

Hey you

Thanks for popping by. Would love to be part of Coutorture! Will be in touch soon.


Anonymous said...

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