July 13, 2006

Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2006

Vogue Factory experienced "HALT" couture for awhile. So, sorry for the hiatus. The socceroos are back even though France lost the Cup to stinky Italians. Life goes on, right? Zizou, we still love you. Thanks for teaching the Italians some manners. Headbutt-ing is the new pink. AnywaY, BACK TO BUSINESS:

Miu Miu, the younger sister of Prada is finally back on the web. The latest Fall/Winter 2006 campaign features China's sweetheart, Zhou Xun from the fame of Perhaps Love, Dong Jie and Rina Ohta. These three beautiful Asian women symbolise timeless beauty bundled with their ancient cultured background.

The campaign showcases the depth and wisdom of ancient culture as well as the futuristic vision of 'Haute Couture'. With its fantasy-like setting, the photos emote a nostalgic Parisian environment with a hint of disorientation.

I've always dig this bag. Ahh, temptations.

Trench coats! Something we could never actually "wear" here. Yum.