September 6, 2006

Clutch Me

I love clutch bags. They're great when it's time to travel light especially for late night out with your gal pals or a hot date. There are so many clutch bags out there in the retail stores these days. Polka dots are nice but abit commercialized. That's the strange thing about S'pore fashion scene. Everyone wants to carry the same bag! We lack individuality here. I can't stress this even more, the Internet rocks. Go out there and find something truly "you" on cyberspace! Here are some ideas:

Myna Bags has a hot collection of clutch bags. Myna bags are available at Quintessential at Mandarin Gallery and they cost about $120 if I'm not mistaken. There's a whole range there - so do check out. Here's a tip, they're having sale on their website. Hee.

As seen in Lucky Magazine, Carmen clutch from bells&whistles, constructed from supple black leather, is gathered at the top to provide a soft, pliable shape, and snaps open and shut with an interior frame. The front of the bag is adorned with sea grass appliqués in iridescent sand leather. I would love to have this primarily because it's versatile and the print is lovely. Go textile!

Emma Gordon London Cerise Coco Clutch is a fiesty bag! Constructed from soft cerise velvet, the bag has a wide vertical band trimmed with metallic gold piping and accented with a covered velvet button. The band wraps around the bag and fastens at the front with a magnetic snap closure. Emma Gordon never failed to amaze me with her gorgeous bags. They're also available here in Singapore from Conversation Pieces.

Myna Bags Raquel Clutch is constructed from a brown leopard print, is softly gathered at the top frame, which snaps open and close. A wide metallic gold lambskin band wraps the bag and flaunts a gold ring accent. Animal print is in! This clutch definitely roars, I swear.


Anonymous said...

i thought u might like candypulp.
another sporean bunch of girls.
however theyre totally different from helloweekend and the like.

truly unique!!

ingenue said...

They're pretty cute. Thanks for the tip! Keep on reading!

Anonymous said... has got some really cute taiwanese stuff.

and have like other imported stuff which is quite different from the singaporean style :)

you might want to check those 2 websites out :)

Anonymous said...

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