April 20, 2007

Disney Fairy-Tale Wedding

Walt Disney Co. is looking to grab a bigger piece of the wedding cake, and feed its burgeoning Princess business, with a new line of character-inspired bridal gowns aimed at women who want to look and feel like Cinderella at the ball on their big day. The Walt Disney Co. has teamed with bridal designer Kirstie Kelly to create a collection of gowns inspired by the favorite Disney princess characters, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Ariel from "The Little Mermaid," Belle from "Beauty and The Beast" and Jasmine from "Aladdin."

"We wanted women to feel like they had something in common with these princesses. We had to identify who the princesses are now and who does the everyday girl relate to," Kelly said. A mood and fashion sensibility was assigned to each princess-themed gown: Cinderella is for the classic glamour bride; Sleeping Beauty is about pretty romance; Snow White is sweet elegance; Ariel is sultry allure; Belle is stylish sophistication; and Jasmine is bohemian chic.

With the Sleeping Beauty castle as a backdrop, this is absolutely charming.

Ahh, a Disney fairy-tale wedding is a dream come true for Disney fans like moi.

Belle gown by designer Kirstie Kelly for Disney Fairy Tale Weddings. I totally heart this dress, and it makes me wanna tie the knot soon!

Ariel gown by designer Kirstie Kelly for Disney Fairy Tale Weddings. I love 'The Little Mermaid'-inspired dress - simply alluring.

these gowns are gorgeous. I love the white one on the right - that could be my gown too! *giggles*

More Disney-inspired wedding gowns by Kristie Kelly from the catwalk.

I want everything!
Source: REUTERS/Walt Disney Company


mad_fashionista said...

i like the whole thing of the fairy tale, and liker you're a princess and he is your prince charming or wathever. But there's no way i would marry in the Disney Castle! That's not romantic, it's childish!


ingenue said...

Well, everyone has their own preference. I don't think it's childish - but I can say it lacks originality.

Maybe I'm still a child at heart ;)

Anonymous said...

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