April 13, 2007

H&M Loves Kylie

We're BACK!

A thousand apologies on the recent VF hiatus. The VF girls have been busy with love, work, exams, job interviews, London and mundane everyday commitments. Haha, excuses.

Kylie Minogue is the legs, oops, I mean face of the H&M beachwear line, 'H&M loves Kylie'. The limited edition collection boasts fifteen 'Kylie-inspired' styles. "H&M's main beachwear range pushes all the right trend buttons in a look that smacks of glam beach-life, where glinting silver and gold metallic play off graphic black and white animal prints, while sizzling hot hues of yellow, red and pink reflect the surfing influences", says the press release.

I've to say the campaign is very very well-executed and stunning. Enjoy.

Pictures taken from Just Jared


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