January 31, 2007

Beauties @ 2007 SAG Awards

No surpises at this year's Screen Actors Guild Awards. It's almost like a Golden Globes dejavu, haha. Here are the lovelies of the night:

Katherine Heigl looks stunning in this red number. The styling suits her beautifully. That night, she's a winner like her hit show, Grey's Anatomy.

Cate Blanchett steals the red carpet limelight by looking simply divine. The shimmery dress fits her perfectly, and I adore that vintage lookin' necklace.

The Devil doesn't wear Prada. Anne Hathaway wears this lovely black layered dress with a rosette in the bust front (of course, you can't see it here!). Trust me, it's hot.

My favourite girl from Ugly Betty, Becki Newton is uber-cute in this red bustier dress! I wish I look half as hot as her and we want her clothes from the show!

Ellen Pompeo stands out with this gorgeous purplish, greyish dress with a little Rome-feel to it. I personally like it very much.

My supposed-lookalike, Rinko Kikuchi from the fame of 'Babel'. This tutu-like dress has a dark, goth underlying look yet she pulled it off in such a cutesy way. I've to root for my twin, no?

The newly single Reese Witherspoon looks amazing in this sparkly grey dress. This woman has never look any less stylish in her career.

She's no Desperate Housewife. She's in fact, the coolest mama around - Mary-Louise Parker looks like a female version of the Michelin man. Haha, okay, it's cute but I don't think it does any justice to her figure. She's a lovely woman and a wonderful actress. Just not crazy about the dress.

The Golden Couple! Demi Moore looks sensational in this blue hot dress! Her hair looks gorgeous and her makeup is flawless. She brought along her handsome accessory as well, Ashton Kutcher. Grins.


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