January 22, 2007

LG unveils Prada Mobile Phone

South Korea's LG Electronics has teamed up with Italy's high-end apparel and accessories manufacturer - PRADA - to produce an equally high-end phone.

PRADA's president and CEO Patrizio Bertelli announced that the two companies were looking to develop a "break-through."

Rather than adding the PRADA brand name to an existing product, Bertelli explained that the two companies worked together to give their new phone a "very strong character and unique style, both in its contents and in its design."

The PRADA Phone by LG plays music and videos on a wide, LCD touchscreen. It has a 2-megapixel camera, eight megabytes of internal memory. It has no keyboards and comes with a screen protector,and it's very own PRADA leather case holder.

I love the sleekness of the phone and the fact that it's rumored to be giving Apple's iPhone a run for their money.

The LG PRADA phone will retail at about 600 Euros and will be launched in Europe in Late Feburary 2007, in Korea in the second quarter of 2007, and all other Asian countries in late March 2007. No word yet on the launch in the United States as of yet.


Jessica said...

Why is that a company as successful and popular as Prada lend their name to a phone?

I think it is rather tasteless considering there is nothing super over the top that screams prada. Just the little name sitting there....I guess I just wnat designers to create and be designers, not just a brand.

C'est Chic fée said...

I think that brands like Prada want to delve into the more tech savvy world of mobile phones to reach a different market. Perhaps the ones who are not so interested in Prada or who can't afford Prada can now claim to own a piece of the pie.

Also, I think it's brilliant marketing on part of LG. Apple stole their thunder when the iPhone came out looking so similar to their phone and I think that LG wanted to be seen as cool and hip as well.

I know what you mean about designers should just create but I think in today's world where one is bombarded with so many choices, the designers have to become brands in order to survive - all about longevity.

Anonymous said...

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