January 11, 2007


Due to overwhelming global warming, you can now don your spring clothes early this year! Though this is little cause for rejoice, since designers have gone back to the chic retro look of the 1960's, you can instill the spirit of the inner protester in you, a la retro fashion while trying to save the world. Unlike the big flowery prints in the 60's, the Designers have decided to razzle dazzle you with all things bright and shiny this Spring. The sparkle will be in every color and shape and yes, ladies, chunky shoes are coming back too - more on that later.

Chic sheath in bright silver - Emilio Pucci:

The stars are blind - Viktor & Rolf

Wear your baubles on your collar! - Esteban Cortarzar:

Moon child whimsical - Hussein Chayalan:

Salvatore Ferragamo's simple yet elegant look:


Sha said...

Hey there! I am absolutely loving your blog and am wondering why I never cam across it, heh.

Spread some local blog fashion love!

I linked you :)

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