May 12, 2007

Angelina Jolie to appear in more ads for Shiseido

I feel like all I do nowadays is to announce which star is going to be endorsing which clothing line, beauty line, etc. Just goes to show - celebrity endorsement is not going away any time soon. But I am all Team Angelina Jolie, so I am all for her doing more promotional work for Shiseido.

According to this report Angelina will appear in 3 separate beauty campaigns (for powder and eye liner, apparently). The campaigns are said to appear only in Japan, so sorry to you folks who don't live in Japan (moi, included) but I will be sure to bring you more pictures when they are out!

For now, you will have to suffice with a video of Angelina promoting for Shiseido's Integrate line of cosmetics. She looks fab in that lip gloss. Now I want some, haha.