May 10, 2007

Lily Loves Dresses!

One of my favorite items to wear is a dress and I was psyched to hear about Lily Allen coming out with her new line of clothes for British High Street retailer New Look (launched on May 9th, 2007), since Lily always looks so cute in a frock!

Lily Loves collection features 6 colourful summer dresses including her favourite prom dresses as well as cool day dresses. Accessories are the Smile peep toe court shoes, Loz diamond patterned trainers, fun necklaces (my fave is the "wishbone" necklace, right scarves and earrings.

She does not disappoint, my dear and here is a look at some of the clothes she has come out with:

"Gosford Tier" Babydoll Dress.

"Full Dress"
Lily states that she has tried to capture the spirit of summer in her collection and that definitely shows here.

"Gandalf" Shift Dress.
That one has to be my favorite. I mean, how can you not love the funky name and the gold accents all over?

Lily showing off her range.

Check out the website for the whole range and be sure to head on to one of the 312 New Look stores if you are in the UK.


Anonymous said...

hey, a damn nice blog y'all got here. its wonderful to know that other people in singapore are in touch with this fashion/hollywood stuff.
i am more into the hollywood stuff and your blog just made my fashion wannabe dream come back to live again. thanks.
will link y'all soon.

C'est Chic fée said...

Hey Nic -
thanks for the support!! :)

Anonymous said...

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hassam said...

nice thank for sharing....