May 9, 2007

Hot or Not? Cameron Diaz on TRL

Cameron Diaz was on MTV's TRL yesterday to promote her new film SHREK 3 and she was rocking a halter top Jeans overall skirt(?). Check it out:

At first I was confused by the outfit, and because I have never liked overalls, I thought a big "NO" but it sort of grew on me, y'all. I would never wear it but Cameron pulls it off really well.

Here she is again with Rihanna (who looks hot, so you don't have to vote for her):

But what I want to know is, what do you think? Is this outfit Hot on Cameron or Not?


Sarah V said...

I LOVE the over jeans skirt look... I have been eyeing out one of these at a local store... mostly becasuse i remember wearing them when i was little and it was always one of my faves.
the only think i don't like about cameron's is how it is a bit looser at the top... it almost makes it look sloppy in a way, but she definitly pulls it off... i couldn't wear it!
then again if it was more fitted at the top it could look silly... i think its going to become a big trend very soon...

ingenue said...

Haha, same here! I remember wearing it when I was like 12? I bought mine from Sportgirls in Singapore years ago.

Those were the days of 'The Secret World of Alex Mack'. Haha. Totally geeky.

Cheryl said...

I agree with Sarah. I used to think that I will not wear overalls but man! She looks good in it! I'm kind of tempted to buy one too. Hah.

C'est Chic fée said...

haha, see, the look on Cameron grows on you! :)

natasha said...

the overall is from topshop

elycia said...

yeah i think this overalls looks good on her, besides, the halter thing and the feminity of this whole look somehow make the usual rough and 'man' look of overalls seem softer and i definitely love it and i have one at home. :)heh.

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