May 10, 2007

The Supermodel who liked to sweep floors...

Remember Naomi Campbell had to perform community service recently for hitting an assistant on the head with a phone (I think it was a Blackberry). Of course, being Naomi, she had to dress in high fashion from head to toe every day that she had to perform the community service. Apparently Naomi kept a diary while she was performing community service and now, all the diary entries from that period and pictures have been published in the new issue of W magazine.

Here are some quotes from the magazine:

“I find solace in sweeping. I have no other responsibility. I have no phone. I have the time to think. Just have, you know, peace.”

I feel so sorry for Naomi, maybe her maid should let her sweep floors sometimes. Those maids!

“Two of the people in the room have never been on a plane. They ask me what it’s like, and I’m embarrassed to tell them I was on seven planes the week before alone. It’s so interesting to get to know so many different sorts of people.”

I guess this was taken before or after a day of community service - she looks glam there.

I think this is supposed to be Naomi distraught - Naomi crying(?) in what looks like a trailer. Maybe she was upset she no longer had to sweep.

I'm not so sure why I blogged about this now besides the fact that Naomi Campbell is a model and she is on the cover of one of fashion's great magazines. She still looks pretty great though in my opinion and I hope she has her anger issues under wraps so she can do what she does best, model. And whoever her new assistant, I wish her luck. Oh, the things we do to get a leg in the fashion industry.


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