May 8, 2007

Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Poiret: King of Fashion" Costume Institute Gala 2007

I love Costume galas. A chance to see my favourite leading ladies dress up and put forth their best. Here is a highlight of "best dressed" and the "what were they thinking?" pictures of all the lovely ladies in attendance.

I heart Cameron and she looks really great in that purple/fuschia dress:

Elegant as always, Miss Jennifer Lopez. I was going to post a picture of her posing on the red carpet with Marc Anthony but really, he looked like death warmed over, so I chose not to.

La Lohan:

Representing the Asian Americans - Miss Lucy Liu looking lovely

I do think the dress on Renee Zellwellger is a little bland but her smile makes up for it.

I don't really care for Scarlett's hair to be so bleached but I do like her dress:

This almost went in the "what were they thinking pile" but the more I looked at Kate Bosworth, the more I liked her look.


The legendary Miss Anna Wintour. I dare not critique the queen of Vogue on her style, but I do wonder what she would look like with a different haircut. Imagine the "Rachael" on her. :)

And I pondered a while over Ashley Olsen's look but I think she looks pretty good over all in the Grecian inspired dress. She even walked the red carpet arms in arms with Christian Louboutin, so I am guessing he approved her attire and if Mr. Louboutin himself is ok with this look, I'm ok too.

And here it is: The "what were they thinking" section.

I want to like Mary Kate Olsen's crazy looks, I do, but this furry ensemble?

I'm not sure what to say about Amanda's dress or the suit on the guy standing behind her. Maybe they have the same stylist?

Claire Danes's dress reminds me of Christmas wrapping paper. But I think you have got to give her props for trying though.

I'm a Chloe fan, really and I know that green is supposed to be in this season (as is yellow) but I do not comprehend this dress choice or the hair that is not done.

Winona Ryder. If she had taken off the bow off her shoulder and came in a strapless black gown, it wouldn't have been so bad. But I'm glad to see Winona attending events again.

Usually Kirsten Dunst looks really good at events but the photo below speaks for itself when I say that I gasped when I saw it. (eek!)

The event was to honour and celebrate the works of Paul Poiret, a Visionary Artist-Couturier of Early 20th Century. Here is some information on him.

And here are some pictures of some of his clothes at the Met exhibit:

If you are in NYC from May 9 – August 5, be sure to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art to check out the exhibit.


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